Active Defender

School Safety App for Emergency Response

Last Funded November 2023
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Unfortunately, due to our corporate structure we are unable to accept foreign investments at this time. We hope you will keep track of us for future investment opportunities as we grow.


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Ensure every teacher, student and administrator has tools to handle an emergency safely.
Reduce risk by enabling swift coordination between staff, students and responders in any situation.
Active Defender has already been adopted in 154 school systems across 21 states.
Cutting edge tech: 2 patents filed and pending for our proprietary in-app safety system

Our Team

Active Defender - School Safety App For Emergency Response

Our Story:

The idea for Active Defender came out of our own team’s experience in managing emergencies of various situations- whether it was a lost student on a field trip, a medical emergency, or a military operation. The common threads between all of these responses were 1) the need for effective communication, and 2) the need for information. Access to these two things would determine how swiftly and effectively the emergency was handled and safety restored.  

This got us thinking:

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to equip every school with Active Defender; ensuring swift, decisive actions during crises. By bridging the communication gap and providing complete transparency, we empower staff and first responders with the right tools for effective response. 

Most schools today have plenty of security systems in place; alarms, cameras, even uniformed security officers. But these measures do not address the need for communication and information when a threat is present. 

Studies have shown that even when an alarm sounds,  94% of school and staff don’t know where the specific threat is located. Worse still, 17% find themselves in insecure locations. 

Our Product:

Active Defender is a multi-use app and web platform that gives teachers the power to access information, communicate with each other and receive personalized guidance through their mobile smartphone. 

The integrated app features:

How It Works:

Know What's Happening

Active Defender displays multiple crisis icons, ranging from a fire in the science lab to a disturbance in the parking lot. Selecting one informs the staff on the network of what the crisis is.   

The app also has a camera feature that staff can use to communicate and record;  helping administrators and first responders isolate a crisis quickly.

Know Where It’s Happening

Active Defender displays an interactive map of your campus and can accommodate multi-level floor plans. This feature allows staff to quickly and accurately report the location of a crisis.

Communicate With Staff

During a crisis, anyone can report and update their current status. Active Defender has an in-app chat feature to enable further communication.

Alert First Responders

When a crisis is reported, Active Defender can instantly alert local police, firefighters or emergency services, thereby reducing response time.

Active Defender is a cutting-edge safety app built just for schools. With this technology, staff, administrators, and first responders will know what's going on and where as soon as it happens. 

Patent Protection:

On December 3rd, 2022, Active Defender filed a provisional patent for a system that transforms any smartphone into an instant security-connected panic button through a unique QR code and app without the need for a physical interface. 

Then, on December 18th, 2022, we filed a provisional patent application that allows for location data embedding within a QR code, enhancing alert capabilities.

These patent-protected innovations cement our position as leaders in advancing accessible, precise, and responsive personal safety technology in schools and other public establishments.

Looking forward, Active Defender continues to strive for innovative solutions to enhance personal security. With your investment, we plan to file additional patents, including a reporting system designed to account for individuals, particularly children, in emergency situations.

Our Competitive Space:

There are a number of applications geared towards safety response in schools. However, none of the current applications in the market have the same breadth of features and useability that Active Defender has. 

Active Defender has the most updated, dynamic and advanced real time mapping and reporting system in the space. 

Our Proven Business Model Includes Multiple Revenue Streams:

Active Defender has several robust streams of revenue. We are in 154 school systems across 21 states and we are already generating revenue.

Our Team:

The experienced leadership team at Active Defender comes from extensive backgrounds in education, military, software and emergency response.  All of us are committed to making schools safer through innovative technology.

With key team members hailing from military and security backgrounds, Active Defender is exceptionally positioned to become a market leader.

Our Board:

Active Defender’s formidable Advisory Board consists of seasoned professionals in education, technology, investment and emergency response. As we move forward, we continue to leverage our board's strategic expertise to ensure our product serves as a dependable safety solution for schools.

The Enormous Market Opportunity:

Active Defender is positioned to fill a crucial gap in the EdTech sector for school safety solutions. Our Total Addressable Market (TAM) of over 125,000 schools in the USA is worth $373 million. 

The Active Defender offering presents a unique opportunity for investors to contribute to a safer future for our children while reaping substantial financial returns.

Future Expansion:

Active Defender is not only a solution for schools. With the help of your investment, we can continue to grow in the USA EdTech sector, and support the expansion into related industries that have expressed interest such as hospitals, hospitality and international education. 


Unlike other crowdfunding campaigns with early or unproven technology, Active Defender has significant  traction. Your investment will enable us to keep our exponential growth on track to scale. 

Use of Your Investment:

Active Defender has been bootstrapped since 2019, with $80k raised from friends and family. With our Q1 of 2023 revenue  increasing 330% from 2022, we are growing fast and require additional capital to continue scaling. 

The $1.2m we raise will give us a much needed 24 month runway so that we can focus on:  

  1. Expanding Sales & GTM team 
  2. Technology improvements and development 
  3. Patents, legal and company admin 

Your investment will enable us to scale from 154 to 1500 schools and reach a projected ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) of $4.2m by 2025. 

Our Path to Your Return on Your Investment

Our mission is to provide every school in the U.S. with the Active Defender safety solution, with the goal to expand above and beyond US EdTech in the future. Our forecasts have Active Defender reaching a projected ARR of $4.2m by 2025, positioning us for either a Series A OR a merger with the likes of ADT or Secure America. Either way, we have a clear plan to maximize the return on your investment. 

Thank you for studying Active Defender’s unique value proposition, 

If you've come this far, it's likely you're seriously considering joining our mission. True, investing in an early-stage startup like Active Defender comes with its high-risk/high-reward nature. There's a chance things might not go as planned. But, in our quest for success, Active Defender aims to become a transformative force in safety and security worldwide. So, if you're ready to embrace this risk, your investment, however small, will drive Active Defender's mission to safeguard campuses and communities globally. Get ready, and let's embark on this remarkable journey together!

Active Defender is the Right Investment at the Right Time: