TurboPass Corporation

Paperless and instant way to verify income when buying a car

Last Funded February 2020


raised from 158 investors


Scalable Saas platform for buyers, sellers, and creditors.
Eliminates paper and fraud for parties to a credit transaction.
Two patents pending (1 utility, 1 process) for "User-authorized distribution of trusted source data."
CoFounders have SKIN IN THE GAME, having Bootstrapped for almost 3 years!

Our Team

I've been in the automotive finance industry for the last 33 years. I grew up in the business and I know the risk, pain, and hassle of providing personal papers to auto dealers in order to receive firm credit offers. We care because TIME is our most important resource.

The Story of TurboPass

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It takes a long time for car dealers to receive proof of income from customers. More importantly, this proof of income is often fake. 

This proof of income comes in the form of paper-based pay stubs and bank statements.

Every year, there's a 4.5 billion problem with income fraud in the automotive sector.


We help car dealers verify and get proof of income from their customers fast. By doing this, dealers can sell more cars.

Faster and more secure way to gather sensitive docs without paper.


Suddenly, Westlake Financial (with over 14,000 dealerships) started referring dealerships from around the country to TurboPass to help them streamline their verifications of income and employment. This success with Westlake has us on the verge of testing the platform with 3 out of the top 5 auto lenders in the USA.We learned a lot from our first dealer users! We learned about how the TurboPass process was helping our dealers SELL MORE CARS. We also learned how we were helping people qualify for better financing terms.


How We Make Money

TurboPass has subscriber levels based on report "pulls".  Dealers can subscribe for a trial period then choose a plan based on a "per use" basis.  For example: "lane 3 Pricing = $297/mo and includes 35 reports.  TurboPass' data costs are reduced as more subscribers come onto the platform but our Gross margins are significant and improve over time as we execute the sales and subscriber growth plan.

How it Works

1. Seller places an order and invites buyer from TurboPass web portal/dashboard .

2. The customer gets a text/email with a link.  Customer Chooses their Financial institution (and up to 5 accounts to share), customer authenticates, the system verifies account(s).  

3. Seller receives PDF of applicant's TurboPass report in their dashboard for viewing.

4.  Seller shares the report (TurboPass) Code with Creditors who accept TurboPass

5. Creditor clears "Stips" and issues Final approval/funding transaction to Seller.


In Mid-2019 TurboPass was chosen as a Finalist in the Auto Finance News "DemoVation" contest, and our CEO, Michael Jarman, participated in the DEMO Pitch Competition in San Diego, California.  

The audience was made up of the largest auto lenders in the world like Ford Credit, ALLY, CapitalOne Auto Finance, Santander/Chrysler Capital, Wells Fargo Dealer Services, Westlake Financial and others.

TurboPass selected as a Finalist in the Auto Finance News "DemoVation" contest.

Michael was also asked to speak to the NAF (National Auto Finance Association) Conference during their "Fraud Friday" sessions. Michael shared how modern digital validation and unique data-distribution technology can virtually eliminate fraud (and speed up the process for everyone) in the auto finance industry.

Michael Jarman speaking at the National Auto Finance Association "Fraud Friday" Panel