Showme Rebates llc

First-of-its-kind home buying rebate platform, helping make housing affordable!

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Addresses massive problem with unaffordable housing.
5 year projected income of over $35,000,000 annually!
The team has combined 50 years of real estate experience totaling over $1.6B in gross sales.
Advisory board combined experience in 7 startups being acquired for over $1B.

Our Team

As a real estate agent with over 15 years, I have watched the housing market become increasingly un-affordable for the average person. I wanted to help people obtain the "American Dream" and allowed us to give back and make home ownership more affordable.

Let's Make Housing Affordable Again:

Real estate agents are a tremendous asset for a home buyer. They provide a value through their knowledge and experience that can’t be created with technology or replicated. However, as technology has made leaps and bounds and home prices have reached record levels, home buyers have spent more time finding homes on their own by using one of the many home search sites available to them.

- 97% of home buyers searched for and found their home online

- Average home buyer spends roughly 124 hours searching for a home

- All home searches are essentially the same, with the same data, listings, and tools

- is the only home search offering value to buyers by helping make       homes more affordable 

Some of the largest real estate teams, down to new agents and everything in between, pay for leads. It’s usually the easiest and fastest way to get business, and agents pay big money for these leads!

All home searches are essentially the same, with the same data, listings, and tools. None of the current home searches offer this value to buyers or have the ability to offer this with their existing business models.

With, a buyer can search for any home available on the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service), via IDX technology, regardless of who the listing agent or brokerage is. Our unique technology and algorithm then show the buyers, in real-time, available rebates for each home. It does this based on the listing price, buyer agent commission, and the percentage of the agent's commission they have agreed to give back.