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It's never been a better time to be a songwriter. Launch House agrees.

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With a mere 7% acceptance rate, SangCash recently participated in Launch House LA in January '22.
SangCash was selected to be part of Launchpeer, a Charleston-based remote incubator in April '21
Recently selected to Silicon Valley-based VC Hustle Fund's Hustleverse for NFT and Web3 potential.
Selected by LaunchTN to host paid intern for summers of '21 and '22 and was part of ReNew Nashville.

Our Team

I grew up going to concerts at Jones Beach and eventually worked there. In college, I got into country music and found out that a lot of the big name artists don't write their songs. When I went through a bad bout of depression 7 years ago, I used writing and listening to music to come out of it and really grew an appreciation for the craft.

SangCash gets Songwriters Paid Faster and More Money!

The Focus on Songwriters has finally started to grow with documentaries, shows, apps and laws all being passed to benefit the writers.

In the wake of Covid, Songwriters and the bars, restaurants, and live music venues that played their music was shut down.  As live music resumes, it's more important than ever to get these key players in the industry back on their feet.

Our market is big and ripe for disruption.

Two main players control most of the industry.

How we'll use the money.