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Huge Market Potential - Targeting the $4T residential & commercial purchase & rental market
The Leadership - Highly-talented team that helped grow Home Depot, Uber, Disney, Google & Vimeo
First-Mover Advantage - On the patent-pending, AI- powered, fully automated broker-less model
Pressing Need - Empowering consumers who want to save thousands in commissions & closing costs

Our Team


The Digital Transformation That We Need

Qwesty is on a mission to disrupt the $4T U.S. real estate market by completely removing the need to pay a broker commission.

To this day, there has not yet been a technological disruption impactful enough to bring in an easier, faster, and more cost-effective solution.

Qwesty plans to change all that!

Technology & Real Estate Come Together

Qwesty is a fully automated digital marketplace for real estate. The app and website platform will utilize patent-pending technology and AI-powered algorithms to assist all parties throughout the entire transaction.

Real Estate. Reimagined.

It's time to completely break away from the traditional age-old real estate model. The Qwesty marketplace will consist of organic listings that consumers won’t find anywhere else. The reason consumers view the same properties on all the big provider platforms is because they are simply pulling in data from the MLS. Qwesty does not. So, what separates us from other DIY platforms? It’s simple. They still rely on the MLS and therefore, consumers are still paying a buyer’s side commission. The problem is that current platforms don't solve this. Qwesty does!

Solving the Cold Start Problem

Prior to launch, Qwesty will be populated with thousands of properties and service providers that can become active on the platform with a simple click of a button.

Key Features

The Love-Hate Relationship

Real estate brokers and agents are tired of spending thousands of dollars on leads that typically pan out to a resounding nothing. Qwesty will offer highly targeted leads for only $99 per month where they can match directly with buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords. AgentMatch will be available to consumers who require a little extra help navigating through the transaction process.

Qwesty plans to create a whole new cottage industry for brokers and agents. We believe there has never been a better time for Qwesty.

How to Monetize

Qwesty plans to have multiple revenue funnels that are all scalable. This includes monthly subscription fees, partnership fees, and processing fees.

It's easy, affordable, and automated!

Top Talent, Fired Up!

Qwesty, Inc. has an extraordinary team with expertise in real estate and technology - and we believe marrying the two will make the platform very successful. The Qwesty team has accomplished a lot over the last two years since self-funding Qwesty.

We brought in the best talent, built phase 1, and completed the architectural specifications for the entire platform.

Our Progress & Perfect Timing

We are thrilled to share that our phase one rollout is now live.

With the light shining brighter than ever on NAR-related commission lawsuits, we believe there has never been a better time for Qwesty!

Our focus is as singular as ever. Eliminate broker commissions and fees from ALL U.S. real estate transactions.  

Thank you for your support and partnership! Stay tuned for updates every week, along with videos from our upcoming web series, QwestyLive!