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Public Launch on Nov 5 @ 9:00 AM ET
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 $10M  $7.5M valuation cap
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Over 10M downloads, 100+ countries, and $1M in revenue to date + over 500 new users per day
If you like the Groups app, you can now own a piece of the company that makes it!
Investing over $250 also gets you your very own branded web app to unite and engage their community!
Break free of Big Tech. Own your own data, identity and brand. On your own site and app.

Our Team

We used to be Facebook Platform developers and felt first-hand the problems that arise from centralized social media services. A healthy Internet is critical to human civilization. Unless we step-up now to return it to it's decentralized roots, the world could end up in a very dark place.

The Forgotten Revolution

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen yet."
--Tim Berners-Lee

When Tim Berners-Lee envisioned the Web many years ago, he imagined a free and democratic space, where anyone could put up a website and share something interesting with the world.

Unfortunately, the Web we have today is more like a tightly monitored feudal system, controlled by just a handful of landlords, which come in the form of giant tech corporations.

Tim Berners-Lee and the Solid team meet with Qbix.

What went wrong?

As web technologies matured,  developers were able to create social and interactive experiences that were much more addictive than the static websites of the past.  These features could only be delivered by large corporations who employed the best software developers in the world. The "little guy" had no way to compete, and much of what we do online ended up within the “walled-gardens” of mega-corps like Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Until now, the best tool the "little guy" had was Wordpress, which still runs over 40% of the Internet!

This quiet success clearly demonstrates that people still value:

  • Ownership and control on their domain
  • Unlimited customization and monetization
  • An open-source ecosystem with 1000s of plugin developers

Wordpress was designed for 1-way publishing and has been stretched way beyond its capabilities, we're over-due for an upgrade!

The Next Disruption

While things are pretty bad in cyberspace today, there is a silver lining: we’ve been here before and we’ve won!

The tech giants of today are just the Internet portals of yesteryear and as unstoppable as they seemed at the time, they were all disrupted when new open-source technologies came onto the scene.

Qbix Platform is the Wordpress of this next great disruption.
It’s a fresh, modern codebase that’s been designed to provide everything you’d expect from a social network of today, but also built to become a free and democratic software layer for the social web. It does so by utilizing the next generation of open-source web technologies like Web RTC, which allows for peer-to-peer video chat!


Another key aspect of the platform design is reusability. Just as it was crazy to build a rocket every time someone wanted to put something into orbit, it’s crazy to build from scratch whenever someone has a great idea for a social app. Qbix Platform is designed so that any feature built can easily be implemented by anyone else, freeing up countless man-hours of expensive labor.

The Kicker

Qbix is not just another company with some new tech. We have a long track record of building successful apps which have been downloaded millions of times. We have 2,000 daily new users, of which 300 are verified community managers that we can onboard to the platform. The demand for the platform has also been validated by customers who have paid us between $5,000-$50,000 to implement the platform for their businesses.

Our customers love what we make, watch some product testimonials!


The market is vast. We will begin with the $8B Serviceable Obtainable Market with room to grow into the $289B TAM.


Our competitive landscape can be broken down into two groups:

  • Private app development that allows maximum control and customizability but at a high cost.
  • Closed-source, private social networking platforms that give you little control and customizability, but are much more affordable.

Our open-source, reusable design provides customers with the best of both worlds, dramatically lowering the cost, while still providing full control and customizability.


Surprisingly, everything you’ve read so far has been done with just a small amount of angel funding and a lot of hustle. We have bootstrapped our company, generated $1M in total revenue, and reinvested it into the development of the platform. The platform is now ready and tested for the mass market, and we need to step on the gas. To which, we're raising $1M to turn the platform into a self-serve SaaS, automate our sales funnel, hire customer support and designers, and build a new web portal.

The Road to Freedom

  • The path to market and profitability has been laid out by Autmattic, the company behind Wordpress, which now has a multi-billion dollar valuation.
  • The pandemic has made our need for community more apparent than ever.
  • Frustration with big tech has reached a breaking point.

We founded Qbix after working as Facebook Platform developers and experiencing first-hand the issues that arise from centralization that are now plaguing our society. While we were way ahead of out time, we never could have imagined the convergence of events that would arise just as our platform was ready for deployment.

The path has been charted. The time is now. All that’s left to do is come together and change the world!