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Film and TV projects from the creator of Film Score Monthly, Lukas Kendall


reserved of a $50,000 goal
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Watch my sci-fi short film, SKY FIGHTER, 2M+ views on DUST (sci-fi shorts channel).
30-year track record of high-quality, cost-effective productions (magazines, CDs, films).
I write, direct and produce. No wasted development $.
You are investing in my taste, judgment, drive, and eye for detail.

Our Founder

I have been passionate about films and filmmaking my whole life. As a teenager, I created Film Score Monthly—a world-renowned magazine and CD label. I love being an entrepreneur, and now that I am a filmmaker, would prefer to self-produce my projects. I will use early independent projects as a stepping stone to deals with major studios and talent.

How to Make Money Making Movies

  • Genre Films (sci-fi/horror)
  • Responsible Budgets 
  • Great Roles for Stars!!!

Strategic Use of Spectacular Visual Effects...

...but the best special effect of all is a great actor’s face!

The Three Most Important Elements for Distribution:

1) CAST!

2) CAST!

3) CAST!


1) Write great script with great roles for stars (DONE!!!)

2) Raise “hard money” part of budget—i.e. cash.

3) Make real $ offers to stars who “move the needle” for distribution.

4) Use the “package” (script + stars) to get distribution “pre-sales” and borrow money from banks against the value of the package. This is the “soft money.”

The secret weapon is HUMAN EMOTION! 

Movie stars want to express it. Audiences want to feel it.

It can be done! Watch our sci-fi short proof of concept, over 2M views from the DUST platform for sci-fi shorts:

Film production is a very complicated and risky investment! For more, see this 27-minute announcement video/interview by Lukas Kendall with his friend Charlie Vignola: