Detroit City Football Club

Be an owner of Detroit's professional soccer team!

Last Funded February 2021


raised from 2,708 investors


The rare opportunity to invest and enjoy the potential upside of a growing pro soccer team in the US
Our fans love us. 83% recruited a friend to come to a game in 2019
Have a say in shaping the culture and values of one of America's most distinctive clubs as an owner
You love the beautiful game, you love an iconic city, or you just love being part of the fun

Our Team

Our supporters built Detroit City FC, and we felt it was time for them to own a piece of it and ensure the continued growth of the organization.

A Club Unlike Any Other. An Opportunity Unlike Any Other.

What started as an effort over a decade ago to bring together Detroiters through the world's game has grown into a professional team that has consistently redefined what an American soccer club can be. Detroit City FC is more than a soccer team. DCFC is memorable, fun, rabid, community-oriented, winning, authentic, professional, affordable, inspiring . . . and now something you can be a part of as an owner.


Detroit City FC is Detroit’s soccer team. Never settling for just being a third division, pro soccer team, DCFC is rooted in the community and committed to being the sporting embodiment of the revival of Detroit, one of the world's most notorious, iconic, and lovable cities.  As a business entity, DCFC is focused on promoting the beautiful game, creating an accessible sporting event for all, and being around for generations to come through prudent management and a fiscally conservative approach.

In 2014, DCFC was the American sports to wear an LGBTQ equality jersey in a competitive match, as fundraiser for a local homeless shelter LGBTQ youth.


Our fans are who we are. A sense of ownership in the creation and growth of the club exists among our supporters. And rightfully so. From mowing the pitch at our original stadium in the middle of the night to cooking meals for players to traversing the country to support the team on the field, the supporters have been there for the club every step of the way. In 2015, when it came time for the club to find a new home, we purposely engaged our greatest asset, our supporters, in the largest community investment campaign in Michigan history.  Thanks to their efforts, both financially and with volunteer work, we were able to secure a 8,000 seat stadium under a long term lease and gave the most passionate soccer fans in the region an even greater emotional (and financial) interest in the success of the club. As a result of the supporter culture around the club and our grassroots approach, Detroit City FC has seen growth in attendance and revenue each year with minimal spending on marketing.  A fall 2019 survey of 750 fans found that 83% had recruited a friend or family to attend their first DCFC match in the past year.  Our fans define our club and now they have a chance to own a piece of it.

In 2016, DCFC takes the field at Keyworth Stadium in front of a capacity crowd, after renovation of the historic venue.


DCFC has achieved tremendous growth since its founding in 2012, regularly attaining double-digit increases in annual home match attendance and gross revenue.  The club has always been committed to a fiscally conservative approach to budgeting and strict management of expenses. These values will stay core to the club's leadership as it seeks new investment to expand revenue generators through additional staff and stadium improvements as well as to help the club navigate the impact of the coronavirus on professional sports.


In many ways our club is defined by the culture that has emerged around the organization and its supporters over the years.  The organizations and causes that the club and fans have embraced over the years, as well as those individuals who have represented the club on and off the field, have helped to define DCFC culture. As an owner, you'll have an opportunity to attend the annual owners' meeting and help determine matters central to club culture, such as annual charity partners, honors for past players, stadium policies, and many of the other elements that make DCFC such a special club.


Coming together through a community organizing project, doubling as neighborhood based soccer league, five everyday guys kick in a few thousand dollars and start the path to Detroit's first professional soccer team in generations.
City launches its inaugural season at Cass Tech in Downtown Detroit. exceeding all expectations.
A winning men's team emerges: defiantly devoted to soccer culture and making a positive impact on the community. Smoke, trophies and sellouts follow, including an undefeated regular season in our second season.
Rescue a used polar bear costume from a dumpster. Team mascot Friendly the Bear is born.

Reawaken one of the most distinctive grounds in U.S. soccer. Lead a $750,000 community investment program to rehab 80+ year old Keyworth Stadium. Successfully paid back investors January 2020, two years ahead of schedule. 
Launched burgeoning youth development system, with affiliations with regional community youth clubs. Close to 2,000 kids now play for DCFC affiliated youth clubs. The club occupies Detroit’s best indoor sports facility - housing team offices as well as Detroit’s premier soccer bar and restaurant.
DCFC closes out its amateur era by winning the National Premier Soccer League's Members Cup. Announces the launch of a women's team in 2020.

Men's club receives professional sanctioning from US Soccer Federation.