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ZudgeZury ~ The Hedonic Lifestyle App For Real Time Conflict Resolution

Friends Invest First
Public Launch on Jan 1 @ 5:00 PM ET
$20M pre-money valuation Priced Round
$250, $1K, $10K, $50K
Founder and Team have a sustained record of qualifications, accolades and business experience. From Marketing, Engineering, Legal to Consumer Experience, the app was developed from the consumer up. Beta has been reviewed and demonstrated great potential to the likes of existing leading Social Media apps. Product has excellent Branding and Monetization model as well. The app is also available on the IOS, Android and the Web platforms. This will be a great investment and venture as Downloads and Monthly Active Users are projected to increase exponentially in the first 6 months.


A scale-able lifestyle platform that presents infinite revenue possibilities from users & companies.
An app model based on Consumer Behavior and Psychological algorithm.
Projection of 250M downloads and $1B revenue by 2026
Early investors will contribute to a new social media experience & reap handsome rewards.

Our Team

Our goal is to provide a universal tool to meet the basic needs of human psychology and behavior. With application across all demographic and cultural groups, ZudgeZury provides for a multitude of opportunities and revenue streams. We will also cross market with a Cryptocurrency ZudgeZury Coin in the near future.

ZudgeZury - The Hedonic Lifestyle App For Real Time Conflict Resolution

Consumers and Corporations are faced with conflicts, concerns and dilemmas about making the right decision daily.   Every decision entails risks and responsibility that will be financially or emotionally costly if a bad decision is made.   A Real Time Conflict Resolution solution is thus needed.

ZudgeZury is built on the fundamental algorithm of Consumer Behavior and Psychology.  Combining the key elements of Maslow and Loss Aversion theories, our founder is able to design and develop an app that appeals to Hedonic needs and aid in Real Time Conflict Resolution by community collaboration.

ZudgeZury allows the user to be able to address their daily concerns in multiple scenarios real time and by having either a panel of objective Zury experts or a Zudge present a suggested Verdict.   Users are able to resolve issues related to Dating, Family, Shopping, Travel, Entertainment, Investment, Education and many more daily areas of concerns.

While helping others in the community, all users are also given social recognition and rewards.  All users begin as a Zury member and can rise up in social ranks to being a recognized Zudge.    Zudges are able to conduct Live Hearings and at the same time earn rewards and Social Ratings.     And yes, we do intend to have a ZudgeZury Coin Cryptocurrency issued as part of the rewards program for our members. [USPTO Patent Pending]

Given that many of these concerns of the community are in multiple scenarios, these also present opportunities for companies to showcase their products and services as well as obtain consumer feedback for better Marketing Mix strategies.

The business model of ZudgeZury is to have multiple Consumer and Corporate revenue sources while at the same time to position the product as a Hedonic tool for the community to help one another and obtain Social Recognition.  In addition, a Cryptocurrency ZudgeZury Coin will also support the App use and will be cross-marketed.

Our growth projection is to obtain 1M downloads within 6 months and to grow Market Share in the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs). Projecting an est 15% Market Share with respect to leading Social Media Platforms, we foresee a paying MAU of 125 Million in 3 years and a revenue of $1B.

The complete team comprise our founder Dr Jin Lee, PhD Marketing, who oversees an Engineering and Development team, a Marketing and PR team, a Consumer Experience team, a HR Team and a Legal Team to begin.   

The vision is to expand our app to complement and be integrated into existing apps, provide additional sources of income for users, be an integral part of corporate decision making and most important of all, redefine the daily lifestyle of any user in the world.   Our app is applicable across all cultures and languages as it is built upon solid Consumer Behavior and Psychological Theories.     Multi Language Versions of the App will also be implemented in the next phase.

We project exponential user growth simply because our model is based off basic fundamental human Hedonic needs rather than relying on an engineering
break through .     We intend to seek multiple rounds of funding from Crowd Funding to Series A, and ultimately IPO in the shortest time possible.  

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