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Powering virtual fitness creators with an all-in-one streaming app


Strong founding team: ex-Obama Appointee @ Pentagon (managed 10K+ engineers); Tesla; MapMyFitness
Deep sector expertise: CTO was former tech lead at MapMyFitness (sold to Under Armour for $150M)
Proprietary tech: AI Fitness Tracker gives Fitbit-level data using just a camera
Backed by Tesla investor
Massive opportunity: Virtual fitness market worth $6.04B in '19, projected to hit $59.23B by '27
Untapped market: 330K+ fitness creators in the US

Our Team



Fitness creators deserve their cut of the $59B Virtual Fitness Space

There are over 330,000 fitness creators in the US struggling to build their online businesses due to a lack of purpose-built software.

The virtual fitness space is exploding, and projected to 7x to a $59B by 2027.


Streamlining digital commerce for fitness creators

Fitness creators are juggling 3 or 4 different enterprise tools to do with Zomo does with the powerful tech accessible to everyone, a mobile phone.

Zomo’s app gives fitness creators the tools to integrate everything they need to run their business operations so they can focus on their moneymaker: running super smooth and engaging live stream and on-demand classes.

Using Zomo, fitness creators have unlimited potential to grow their brand and monetize their content without the hurdle of needing multiple tech tools to do it.


An all-in-one app for creators build an entire fitness empire

Zomo is the only platform for fitness creators to monetize their livestreams and courses, and accept payments. We’re harnessing the power of AI to create a live streaming workout experience like no other.

Using nothing more than the participant’s camera, our AI fitness tracker will analyze form and allow creators to more accurately gamify their classes. Zomo’s creators and their participants will grow addicted to the personalization, engagement, and accountability built into this software, making other fitness apps obsolete.

Business Model

We make money when creators make money

Using Zomo’s seamless platform, fitness creators can monetize their audience with on-demand courses, livestreaming classes, and merchandise.

Zomo offers the ideal dual revenue model:

- Charging a fee on creators’ gross merchandise value (10%)

- Charging for a premium SaaS offering (starting at $29 a month)


Zomo has grown 20% MoM since November 2021

How do we know Zomo is the solution the industry has been waiting for? We asked the experts. Zomo was created in partnership with fitness creators, FOR fitness creators, to compete in the $59B virtual fitness market. Since November 2021, Zomo has been used by 25+ creators, we’ve experienced 20% monthly growth—and we’re adding an average of 2 creators per day organically.

Fitness creators can now use one tool to take the friction out of running their business. By seamlessly combining all aspects of ecommerce into a single app, we make it easy for fitness creators to grow their digital empire. With Zomo fitness creators are capitalizing on unique live streamed fitness experiences with rave reviews:


The virtual fitness space is on track to hit $59B by 2027

The meteoric rise of virtual fitness apps has shown that fitness classes of the future will be virtual. 66% of consumers prefer digital fitness to in-person gym options, and the growth of the virtual fitness industry proves it. This makes Zomo’s total addressable market massive and currently underserved.


Zomo is the only app for fitness creators by fitness creators

While it’s true there are B2C platforms like Moxie &, they’re only intended for fitness instructors and trainers to lead digital classes. Zomo is one of the only B2B mobile-first app with consolidated tools for creators to launch an entire digital fitness brand seamlessly.


Rapidly improving and expanding 

Gyms and fitness studios as we know them are swiftly becoming a relic of the past. A staggering 59% of gym-goers don’t plan to renew their memberships post-pandemic. Additionally, the online fitness market hit north of $6B in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 33% from 2020 to 2027, which positions us to scale rapidly.


Zomo has raised $380,000 since late 2021

Zomo investors include members of the Zomo community, as well as one of Tesla’s top engineers. All pre-campaign-launch investments are held in SAFE notes.


A team of serial founders, ex-Obama Appointee and former Tech Lead at MapMyFitness

Our founders know a thing or two about launching and scaling ventures—as a group, they’ve founded 7+ startups and have deep sector experience. 

Now, Zomo's strong founding team is putting their growth mindset to work for our investors!