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Invest in Yummy Future (YC S19)

We build robotic coffee shops that can replace any chain coffee shop business

Pitch Video
Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Jim and David interviewed Yummy Future (YC S19) on October 7, 2021. Play Video
Jim Jindrick
Venture development expertise includes researching, planning, launching, stabilizing, sustaining, and scaling technology-focused ventures.
David Ma
Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Business Consultant
says, "Some very interesting technologies being employed. Founder is full of passion!"
says, "Really cool product. Coffee is a great category because almost everyone drinks it. If they can make it cheaper and faster to produce, and put it in more places, I think they could have a winning formula."
says, "Focus on building sustainable competitive advantages, and don't underestimate your competition."
says, "Unit economics are everything here. Can this machine be profitable? How quickly can a customer breakeven from their investment?"
Yummy Future (YC S19)'s Comment

Yummy Future (YC S19) says, "One of the questions in the Investor Panel pertained to our unit economics. More information on our unit economics can be seen in Slide 8 of our pitch deck"

What Investors Say

Invested $20,000 this round
I have chosen to invest in Yummy Future because of the great team, and the incredible opportunity that they are pursuing in the robotic coffee shops business. I firmly believe that robotic will be one of the game-changing opportunities for this era and they have a great vision not only in the coffee-making business but also in the whole catering industry. As the world shifting from labor-intensive to machine intelligence, their business will grow exponentially as more and more opportunities present themselves. Moreover, I have known the two founders for over 8 years now. They work down to the earth, embrace all the challenges, and have strong faith in this company. I have always wanted to invest in them before they even got into the YC two years ago, yet the opportunity finally come as they decided to give the community a way of investing and growing with them. So I strongly encourage you to join me support them in fulfilling their dream!

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