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Create transportation solutions that are healthier to the environment


We are fighting global warming through green technology and help solve the problem of the urban mobility crisis.
Revolutionary technology, removable battery with exceptional range and low charging time.
We are reshaping the industry that is expected to reach $123B until 2026 (including all 5 markets)
We have a solid email network with over 3120 interested customers. And over 131 resellers.
Our goal is to manufacture quality products at a great price.
Join us to make our planet greener.

Our Team

Looking at the EV market, we realized that there were lots of higher-priced scooters and electric motorcycles, so we figured there would be room for a mid-priced product with a different design, creating X Mobility Motors. Urban mobility crisis and global warming, we believe that our product contributes to the solution of these problems.

Transforming tomorrow’s technology into mobility!

Our vision is to transform urban transportation with smart and efficient solutions that leverage technology and superior design to reshape the commuting experience.

X Mobility Motors is making e-motorcycles, e-mopeds, e-bikes, e-skateboards and e-scooters, all powered by an innovative battery platform with affordable prices. Our mission is to bring back the feeling of freedom and convenience that a two-wheel vehicle offers while we move towards the future of electric mobility.


The urban mobility crisis is one of the biggest issues of the XXI century

The urban mobility crisis: traffic has become one of the biggest issues worldwide. The high volume of vehicles in the streets cause losses, stress, accidents and pollution. All these issues tend to get worse in the next few years if we don’t take any action on it. The problem has worsened in the last decades due to the concentration of people in urban areas, the lack of urban planning, the incentive to the automotive industry and the purchasing power of the general population. Specialists in the field then called this phenomenon as the urban mobility crisis, which happens when the government can’t afford to relocate people outside the big cities. 


X Mobility Motors is changing the urban mobility scenario with zero emissions products

We design and manufacture electric vehicle solutions that improve urban mobility therefore improving quality of life. Our solution tackles different issues, such as: urban mobility, air pollution, climate change and chronic diseases caused by pollution.

Moving around in big cities needs to be easy

Driving our electric vehicles is like taking a walk in the park, no heavy traffic during peak hours. Through creating electric solutions we were able to provide a whole new mobility experience. Enjoy going to work in style, faster and knowing you’re not harming the environment.

Our startup was founded in 2018, Los Angeles CA, X Mobility motors was created by a new generation of technology enthusiasts with one goal in mind: help the world transition to sustainable transportation. With 5+ years of experience in developing electric vehicles, we carefully designed and perfected the most elegant electric solutions in the market. Our portfolio counts with a variety of solutions (E-Motorcycles, E-Bikes, E-Moped, E-Scooters and E-Skateboards) crafted to technology fans that care about clean energy solutions and are design lovers.


Affordable eco mobility to everyone

The global gas powered motorcycle market reached, in 2019, 60.1B units sold worldwide. All 5 electric mobility markets we will operate combined can reach $123B by 2026.

E-motorcycle: According to the Global Market Insights report, this market is expected to reach $40B by 2026. The key component to accelerate the market size is the expansion of the electric motorcycle section due to its environment benefits.

E-scooter: According to the Grand View Research report, the global small electric scooter and moped market should reach $41B in 2030.

E-bike: The Markets report states that the global electric bike market should reach $38B in 2026.

Skate: The Markets report points out that the global skate market is expected to reach $2.5B in 2026.

The increase of awareness related to the adoption of electric vehicles for short distances to reduce emissions of COx and NOx will support the industry expansion. Low cost maintenance, high quality products with greater reliability have helped the rising popularity of electric vehicles. These electric vehicles are vibration-free compared to traditional models, hence the low maintenance cost. Regulatory entities around the world are incentivizing the adoption of eco friendly vehicles by reducing their taxes and fees.


Electric Skateboard M1

We carefully designed and perfected electric Skateboards with an elegant design, high
technology and international quality. The M1 is the easiest way to get around urban centers. Pre-sale is expected to start in April 2021 and delivery will begin in June 2021.
Electric Scooter i1

design is inspired by the new generation of electric vehicles, high detailed finish and superior quality, making it one of a kind. Pre-sale is expected to start in  April
2021 and delivery will begin in June 2021
Electric Bike H01 

H01 is our foldable electric bike. It was developed for better locomotion and handling. You can easily fold it and enter the metro or easily place it in the trunk of your car.  Pre-sale is expected to start in April 2021 and delivery will begin in June 2021.
Electric Moped Z1 

Z1 is our electric moped. Built with the high technology, making it a durable, elegant and comfortable product.  Pre-sale is expected to start in July 2021 and delivery will begin in October 2021.

Electric Motorcycle T1 

design was inspired by the "Brat-style" originated in Japan and are in short, a trimmed down version of the Cafe Racer. For this model we used fine and well-finished details with a clean, low and aggressive look. Pre-sale is expected to start in January 2022.
Electric Motorcycle T2 

design was inspired by "Scrambler" models of the 1950s, the T2 is equipped with old-style offroad tires and wider handlebars with the bar feature at the top. With its stripped-down style, it was designed to cross from corner to corner without concerns, climbing mountains and crossing muddy off-road terrain. Pre-sale is expected to start in January 2022.


Main frame is constructed of 40mm round section welded steel tubing trellis which gives it rigidity and yet makes it lightweight. With several anticorrosion coats to guarantee a durable and reliable chassis.

Die cast aluminum subframe that ensures strength and lightweight design which connected to the main-frame results in a rigid and overall lightweight final assembly.

High performance die cast aluminum precision machined with tight tolerances giving it high strength to match the main frame structure.


ENGINE (Standard):
The STANDARD engine is a high power intermediate electric motor that equips the T models. Latest generation technology, high performance, generating greater energy savings. Equipped with high quality 5KW BRUSHLESS DC.

The PRO engine is a high-power, high-performance electric motor that equips the T models. State-of-the-art technology, high performance. Equipped with high quality 11KW BRUSHLESS DC.

POWER X (Battery):
Intelligent Power X is the battery pack that equips the T models. Latest generation technology, high performance generating greater energy savings. Equipped with high-quality DLG Li-ion cell. The T1 can be equipped with up to two batteries simultaneously. Both of them are easily removable.

Provides precise control, FOV vector controller, precise drive motor work, smooth acceleration, for a better cycling experience

Capable of delivering enough power for our 60 minute charge times today, and 10 minute charge times tomorrow.



It is expected that KAWASAKI, KTM and HONDA will release an electrified product line and complete electric motorcycles by 2024 and into 2025. It is still unclear what capabilities the electrified motorcycle will bring to the market. SUZUKI has not made any public announcements indicating that they are working to develop an electric motorcycle at the time of this writing.


Harley Davidson, Zero Motorcycles and Cleveland cycle are other US-based EV companies that are also developing electric motorcycles. These developments are proof of the growing demand for electrification within the 2 wheels segment.

Harley Davidson 

Harley has released the LIEWIRE, a unibody truck design.  With pricing starting above $29,799.
Zero Motorcycles 

Zero has released the SR/F, a unibody truck design.  With pricing starting above  $8,990 and $21,465.
Cleveland cycle

Cleveland has released the FALCON 01 and FALCON BLK, a unibody truck design.  With pricing starting above $7,995 and $14,995 for BLK 


Our technology and business model make us one of the main players in the industry for the upcoming years.

X Mobility is the first brand specialized in electric mobility of small vehicles in 5 different markets with innovative tech and modern design. Our company can be one of the main players in the industry in the upcoming years due to all efforts being focused on the advancements in the electric mobility market. We are not another brand, we are not just making electric vehicles, we are building a better world, we are part of a sustainable lifestyle, we are concerned about the planet and the people that live in it. 

Our differential is marked by innovative tech, lightweight structure that is also robust and durable, affordable prices, modern design, fast battery charging, high range, and the fact that customers can add different features and accessories to enhance the overall experience.


X Mobility has great intellectual property. We expect to register hundreds of patents in the next few years. The tech includes Platform X, Powertrain X, Fast charging, locking system without key and touch screen Speedometer.

Strong brand

X Mobility's thought leadership, revolutionary product, vision and values add to an inspiring and powerful brand of the 21st century.


We design and manufacture small electric vehicles that are affordable and powered by clean energy sources 

X Mobility generates revenue through the sale of our "X" products, including i1, M1, H01, Z1, T1 and T2. Plus accessories and spare parts. All X Mobility products are strategically priced at a level that places them significantly below competing products, making X Mobility an affordable mobility option for a wide range of consumer budgets.


Reshaping the future of mobility

X Mobility enters the market with an unprecedented concept of urban mobility. We partner with likewise companies to accomplish the transition of gas powered vehicles to electric solutions, bringing to light our innovative portfolio and business model. Our brand is targeted to customers concerned with the environment that understand the importance of clean energy sources. We will be the next generation of electric vehicles.


It’s about time to build a better world.

X Mobility hasn’t delivered any products yet, now you can join us and help us bring our solutions to life. Our brand has an expert team with over 5 years of experience specialized in developing electric solutions for 2 wheel-vehicles. Our main priority is to raise funds for mass manufacture of our first batch of products. In order to achieve this, we will need to expand our warehouse, grow our team, and extend our sales to Canada and the EU. We have already finalized most of our product’s tech specs and we will continue to improve it as needed to develop the prototype for large scale work. These efforts will count on many partnerships, both short and long term ones, with organizations that can potentially help us take our prototype to production. We are looking for a collective fund raise at this moment from a group of investors that share our goals.

We want to give our supporters and future electric mobility products owners the opportunity to share our economic success. Together, with the support of our community, we will keep a steady growth and will offer products that will exceed our customers’ expectations.

Invest now in our fast growing tech company. Together we can transform the future of urban mobility and build a better world.

Join us now! As an investor, customer and enthusiast.