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Innovative, disruptive platform combining social media, publishing, e-commerce

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Brian and Jacob interviewed World Illustrated on July 2, 2021. Play Video
Brian Ballan
Founder in CPG. Most excited about climate friendly agriculture, decarbonization, and regional food systems.
Jacob Brutman
Angel Investor, Ph.D. Chemist and Computer Enthusiast
says, "Charles knows the licensing space deeply and has already shown that he can do deals for top quality content to use on the platform."
says, "Interesting concept with monetary gain for users and artists."
says, "Motivating an early cohort of evangelists on the professional side to attract paying users will be crucial to the health of the ecosystem."
says, "It will be difficult to gain user base in a crowded field of social media companies. Get the user base in and this could do well."

What Investors Say

Invested $10,000 this round
Over the years, I have advised and helped fund many early stage ventures. The World Illustrated idea is impressive in its simplicity and the elegance with which is it being developed- enhancing user experience. The company fills a space which benefits both users and contributors in a huge potential market. I like the existing cash flows, the experience of the team and that the project is in a very advanced stage. I believe crowdfunding will also go towards creating more awareness of the product - a win/win situation. I also think their go-to-market strategy is spot-on.

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