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Invest in WOOW.LLC

WOOW APP. New Social Media That Pays Users Who Watch Ads on the Platform.


$500,000+ raised to-date from Angles, Friends, and Family
2K New users within 24 Hours.
Proprietary Ads delivery system.
Proprietary user acquisition cost $0.08-0.12.
MOI X 10
$150bn+ market set to double over the next decade
Proprietary Servers Cost cut at 15%-50% compared to competition.
Higher ROI for Advertisers.

Our Founder

We chose this idea for two reasons: 1. Redistribution of wealth - Giving money back to people. 2. A common problem with ad campaigns on SM. Low CTR (Click thru rate). Standard CTR in industry is between, 0.006% - 2 % Based on our tests, Woow can deliver 70%-83% CTR and much better ROI for advertisers.

Check our APP in Google store.

The Opportunity -Invest in WOOW Be part of the Future

This FIRST crowdfunding offering from WOOW is a rare opportunity to invest in.

As you would know, Walmart and Oracle offered to pay a combined US $12 billion for their 20% stake in TikTok.

That said, despite growing a social media is risky, the world does not belong to the rich, but to the brave and risk-taking investors and entrepreneurs.

  PAY THE USER - WOOW is the Only Social Media Platform that pays users when they see ads. Everyone should be paid for their value and time spent online. 

Some of Best Features of WOOW

Outside Inside - Get inside your favorite movie and change the outcome.

Intuitive Smart Editing- With few clicks you get same results in seconds, that normally takes hours in computer.

AI Slideshow -  Photos follow Music Bit. Like magic, 20 minutes work on Premier are equal to 20 seconds on WOOW for same results. 

Take a look through our campaign page and video, and join us because YOU ARE NOT JUST AN INVESTOR.

Feedback is the bloodstream of WOOW.  We welcome every investor into the forum of advisers as well. Do you have a great idea about how we can improve WOOW ? We will listen to you.  In the end, we are all on this TOGETHER.