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Ensuring no one suffers from Peripheral Neuropathy

San Diego California


CEO's prior two companies were acquired by Qualcomm and Apple, with technologies now standards in the industry.
Over $30M of non-dilutive funding (peer-reviewed grants rewarding innovation above 'hot' target trends) has driven the research and development.
Extensive evidence, including a proof-of-concept study in humans, showing a reversal of PN through 1) nerve regrowth, 2) reduced symptoms, and 3) return of quality-of-life to patients.
Having completed Phase 1 safety studies, we're entering Phase 2 early efficacy studies this year for our lead drug, WST-057, a study funded by the Canadian government.
The active ingredient in our drug is a historically safe drug used for 30+ years that is being 'recycled' to get to patients faster - increasing safety and lowering development cost and time.
Assemblage of nearly every stakeholder in diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN): clinicians, researchers, non-profits, governments, and, critically, patients.
To date, we have no outside investors. Our only true investors are our service providers, friends & family, and potential patients - all stakeholders who like where we are going.
The valuation of past companies attempting to treat DPN was several hundred million dollars after Phase 1 and several billion dollars after Phase 2.

Our Team

Nigel Calcutt Co-Founder
Prof. of Pathology- UC San Diego, Lead Preclinical Contractor- NIH NIDDK-RAID, Expert in Neuropathy
Paul Fernyhough Co-Founder
Professor in Pharmacology & Therapeutics at University of Manitoba, 20+ years in diabetic neuropathy
Lakshmi P. Kotra Co-Founder
Director at Center for Molecular Design and Preformulations at UHN, Expertise in drug development