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Pit Liquor

Natural, toxin-free whiskey deodorant. Quench Your Stench. Liquid Courage.

Pitch Video
Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Tony interviewed Pit Liquor on February 18, 2021. Play Video
Tony Wilkins
Private investor at Standing Oaks Venture Partners. Started investing in 1991. I invest in coachable people who I admire, respect and trust.
says, "This company has great traction, a passionate team and controls its manufacturing destiny. They know their customer and how to serve them. They’re filling a great niche."
says, "Erica, keep telling stories about the customers who love your product and why. Your story is so engaging, fun and compelling. I’m sure that others who want to join the Pit Liquors party when they find out how much fun others are having with scented whiskey based deodorant!"

What Investors Say

Co-Founder, GO-JEK
Invested $25,000 this round
Watched the boardroom pitch and even though this is a competitive market, i truly believe they have the wits and focus to keep growing the business. It sounds like its amazing product, and it goes to show that they have grown to 1M in sales by bootstrapping. The key really is Erica - I see her as who is all in and will do what it takes to the company to new heights every year and create shareholder value. She has an exit in mind in a few years and I believe she will hit her target. With the new marketing team on board, and Erica as a transparent leader, i am on board on investing this business, and becoming a lead investor to be the voice of the people. All the best!
What People Say