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Revolutionary home fitness equipment. Budget & storage friendly 🔥 $8MM+ sales


reserved of a $2,000,000 goal

Future Equity; $13.5M valuation cap (early bird rate) | 20% discount

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Through our work, we are regularly engaging with innovative startups. From the outset of our relationship, there was something different about whipr. Our initial exploration made it clear that there was a market opportunity for the brand’s line of products and that was proved with the launch and successful sales of the product. We’ve watched as Whipr has navigated the challenges of covid and shipping crisis and are investing as we’re confident in the future of this company. We’re proud to be a long-term partner and are excited to see what the future holds.


🚀 Whipr designed & patented the first ever modular, multi-functional rowing machine.
💸 Whipr has generated $8M+ in revenue & sold more than 12,000 units since launch in August 2020.
💪 Strong IP with 4 issued patents, prevents another firm from build similar modular rowing machine.
📈 The $10B home fitness market is expected to be $14B by 2028, Whipr has unique products to succeed
🏆 Advisory board includes Shark Tank's Daymond John and 4 x Crossfit Games winner Rich Fronning
💪 Recently hired worldclass CEO, led businesses in executive board roles in US, UK and Germany.
🚣 Perform up to 10 functions with the same resistance device.

Our Team

Whipr used to be a necessity to train for Stand Up paddling while off the water. Now we have over 10 functions based on the same resistance machine and thousands of happy customers. Whipr's unique patented modular, portable and cost-effective fitness equipment will make these fitness machines more accessible and affordable.

Solving The Home Workout Problem...

COVID changed the way people exercise: we adapted to doing workouts at home, and now 59% of Americans say they don’t plan to renew their gym memberships. 

The home fitness industry is set to hit $15B in 2028 with massive growth fueled by people who want to work out from home. Yet most home gym equipment is still large and expensive, with limited functionality.

Previously, we had two options: go to a crowded gym at 5am to use the full range of machines, or stay at home but be limited to small free weights, floor exercises, or use one large machine that takes up the whole living room. 

Whipr invented, designed and patented the world’s first and only portable rowing machine that is modular, affordable and expands for multi-sport training. 

Whipr gives you a whole gym experience while taking up less space than a pair of free weights. We are changing the industry to keep up with your priorities, so that you can save time, space, and money while working out exactly how you want.

We’re taking on the fitness industry with a readily storable, multi-functional, cost effective rowing machine. With our patented expandable base unit and accessory attachments, Whipr gives users more bang for their buck with over 10 training activities in a single session.

Our system starts with the base unit, users then add accessories to enable 'modalities'. Whipr generates high customer retention and repeat business with an expanding ecosystem of accessories.

Whipr's system is:

  • Multi-functional: Transition from rowing to skiing, paddling, kayaking, swimming, surfing and plyo in seconds.
  • Easy to store: Can easily be stored in a closet or under the bed. Whipr takes up less than 30% of the floor-space required by similar ERG fitness machines.
  • More Value and Inexpensive: Whipr’s patent protected expandable base unit and attachments allow users 10 training activities from a single unit. This translates to huge cost and space saving.
  • Portable: Whipr is a first-of-its-kind portable training machine and can be packed in a suitcase for travel.

We also have our own app and connect to major Virtual Reality and Virtual Trainer apps.

We launched in August of 2020 on Kickstarter with our signature 'Paddle, Ski, Row' combo and instantly went viral. Our campaign was the second highest funded fitness Kickstarter in history raising $3.5MM from 9,100 backers.

Since then we have achieved:

  • $8.1MM in sales to over 12,000 customers since August 2020
  • 4 issued utility patents
  • Sales in over 60 countries

Our Advisory Board

Whipr’s current return rate is under 2% and customer feedback is excellent.Our customers love whipr for many reasons:

  • Highly compact equipment. Our rowing machine can easily be packed into a suitcase for travel or slid under a bed or stored in a closet
  • Cost effective fitness. Our rowing machine costs around 30% of most of our competitors, more than 80% less than Peloton's new rowing machine
  • Quality rowing experience. Unlike many other rowers that use electric resistance, our patented technology give a real 'water feel’.
  • Multifunctional ecosystem = less boredom. Over 65% of our customers purchase more than just the rower, often adding a ski, paddle, swim or kayak accessory to their system.

But don’t just take our word for it…

These patents are highly valuable and will prevent other companies from building similar products. 

  • Launched in August 2020 and was the second highest funded fitness Kickstarter campaign in history generating $3.5MM from 9100 backers.
  • Month Over Month growth in the post-campaign resulted in 47% to 156% growth trajectory.
  • July 2021: First round of equity fundraising on Startengine, raising $1.35MM at a $20MM cap.
  • This new round is being offered at $10-15MM CAP (depending on early bird status). This discounted price considers the macro-economic challenges and is designed to quickly raise of capital to avail the next big growth opportunity for Whipr.

Introducing our new CEO

Gaurav Mishra is known as “profit booster and growth accelerator” . He served as the Global President and CEO of US Orthopedic manufacturer Ottobock, which is the world’s Largest Prosthetic and Orthotic Company.

  • Grew EBITDA from $90M in 2010 to $220M in 2016. Achieved unprecedented double-digit organic sales growth from $650M in 2010 to $1.2B in 2016.
  • Led Digital future and E-commerce projects in USA
  • As CEO of US Orthopedic Services (medical insurance billing company), led turnaround of this under-performing business by developing and instituting game changing billing business models.
  • Previously led global Sales and served as Board member at Touch Bionics, maker of world’s first bionic hand. This was one of the most successful startups in the industry sold in 2017 around a 15x multiple.
  • As CEO of RehabPulse, restructured under-performing business, raised $9M in equity funding, acquired software company and established IT arm in India, built from pre-revenue to profitability within just 12 months.
  • Development of whipr "pro" model and redesign to increase margins and broadening the customer base.
  • App development. The whipr app will be rebuilt from the ground up to better improve the user experience. We will also be further integrating with popular VR training apps and launching our our multi-sport integrations which will make us stand out in the industry.
  • Develop in-house shipping and fulfillment services to reduce costs
  • Expand sales channels to increase revenue
  • Talent acquisition and hiring to manage future growth

In our production pipeline is the 'pro' model, a commercial grade version of our system designed to deliver an uncompromising rowing experience while still being portable, cost effective and multi-functional. This is our most requested product and we aim to have it in production late 2023.