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Virtual Sports: Fitness is fun, social and free with motion control technology


of a $141,000 goal
$30M valuation cap Future Equity
$250, $500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K
A great team with a great vision, ahead of the curve when it comes to what they are bringing to the table with the tech, team, and trainers involved. I am proud to be apart of this journey and have seen the team working behind the scenes of this one for countless hours, perfecting every detail. Having been in the fintess and health industry all my life as an athelete and coach, Impakt is something that will not only be alot of fun, but a life changing exerpeice for so many who can learn, train and exercise from the comfort of their own home, or whenever they want to be!


HUGE ADDRESSABLE MARKET - Anyone with smartphone or laptop can participate.
VETERAN TEAM - Founders with multiple exits.
ADVISORS & PARTNERS - Key people from UFC, Twitch, Activision and Guitar Hero.
TRADEMARK - vSports the evolution of eSports is a registered TM of Impakt Inc.
WORKING TECHNOLOGY - Advanced AI, computer vision, social fitness games & routines are functional.
EARLY MOVER ADVANTAGE - Motion controlled fitness games from the web browser and on the phone.

Our Team

Video conferencing is not good enough to connect people. People need shared hobbies and even more so, shared physical activities in the virtual space. We will allow people to connect from the comfort of their homes through shared physical experiences because there is a need for deeper relationships in the virtual space.

Together, we're building an endless virtual world of motion controlled experiences for fitness. Come along this journey and support us!

Impakt is a virtual world of vSports (virtual sports) where fitness is fun, social and free with motion control technology. Virtual sports comprises a variety of games, fitness routines and experiences that require physical exertion in real-time with others. At Impakt, members can have fun, meet friends, play games, and get fit while earning rewards.

Impakt is zero-cost to all members. All that is required is an Android phone, iPhone or laptop with webcam, and an internet connection. Most people already own the required hardware and can afford free - so the addressable market is significant.

The immediate addressable market is 6.64 Billion people (2022), making up about 83.07% of the world's population.

We take motion control to the next level with motion analysis. Using Impakt proprietary motion analyzing computer vision, we can identify the human body, body positions, and body movement. This allows our platform to instruct as a real coach would with sets of exercise routines while providing real-time feedback ensuring exercises identification, exercise count, and real time verbal correction.

Social Fitness:

Fitness is always better with a friend. Accountability is key to consistency. At Impakt, all members can establish their own groups, large or small. Groups can plan workouts together (similar to Google Meet) to engage in fitness activities in real-time.

Whether they haven't seen their family in a long time or they are influencers trying to engage their followers in a fresh way, the desire to connect is a real experience on Impakt.

Customized Fitness:

You are unique. We have different bodies, and different lifestyles and different goals. Pick exercises that fit you and exercise the way you want. Members can put together their own fitness routines based on their desired fitness goals whether it be upper body, lower body or cardio. Even teach our AI new exercises if you don't find the one you want.

With our SDK, developers may create brand-new fitness adventures or even tweak classic games to deliver never-before-experienced fitness that's fun and social.