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Investor Panel

Louie interviewed Voyage Media on September 28, 2021. Play Video
Louie Nguyen, CFA
Louie has 25 yrs of investing experience ranging from global fund management to direct private equity investments focused on social impact.
says, "Voyage sits in a really exciting intersection of creative content creation and crowd sourcing. Nat and team are knowledgeable and have pivoted COVID very well. If executed well, this could be a powerful business model!"
says, "The opportunity around the podcast silo sounds quite interesting so additional details here would be great. Actual examples of how this business model works, described step by step, would be super helpful."
Voyage Media's Comment

Voyage Media says, "Louie, thank you for the kind words and vote of confidence. We're happy to offer additional info: Firstly, Audio Drama Podcasts are completely integrated with our existing offering and contribute to a "flywheel momentum effect' for the company. They create an opportunity for the same community of Storytellers to share stories with the world, earn revenue, and viably enter the film and television markets. Storytellers follow the same user journey as normal - they access free information and storytelling tools, then apply to pitch and strategize with one of the producers on the platform. If the producer identifies that an audio drama podcast would be a smart strategy, the storyteller can then produce the audio drama in collaboration with us, leveraging our story expertise, access to high level actors, production capabilities, and marketing/distribution prowess. Our Audio Dramas then are shared with the world via our distribution portal and also across all podcasting platforms such as Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and dozens of others. In many cases, the Storyteller acts as the production financier; in some cases Voyage finances and/or brings 3rd party financing to the table. The fact that many Storytellers can finance their own Audio Drama (usually financing film/TV is out of reach for most individuals) is one of the first 'flywheel' attributes in this model since it means Voyage can now produce content at scale quickly and without spending all that time finding (or not finding) 3rd party money. Finally, Audio Dramas create an aligned revenue 'flywheel' for both Voyage and the Storytellers: Audio Dramas earn money through advertising and sponsorship They support additional revenue streams such as book sales They have become the new way Hollywood is discovering and sharing stories for film/TV Ad and sponsorship revenues are split between the Storyteller and Voyage, and both the Storyteller and Voyage benefit when a film/TV sales or production comes out of it. We love alignment! We encourage everyone to watch our Shareholder Meeting and Head of Originals/Podcasts Meeting videos by clicking the "Overview" button above and scrolling down the main profile page."

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