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Earn "Fun" Money. Get paid to have instant video chats with fans.


ūüíį The $104B creator economy is evolving; influencers want to be paid by their fans, not ads.
ūü§≥ūüŹĹVora is the "on-the-go" platform influencers crave; our rivals aren't nearly as convenient.
ūüöÄ 60+ Influencers and 300+ Guests are signed up and we're set to launch on iOS in Q2 2022.

Our Team

Influencers are the source of joy for many; working tirelessly to create content for their fans. Yet after so much work, 48 million of them can’t earn enough money to pay their bills...our friend Tuffy being one of them. We built Vora for influencers to fund the life of their dreams and embody the spirit of freedom that we all know and love.

We Build Tools For Influencers To Earn "Fun" Money

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Our friend Tuffy, a lifestyle influencer with 100K followers, showed us a video of him being swarmed by fans at a meet & greet. We assumed he was making bank...but it turns out he wasn't.

He wasn't even earning enough money to go full-time...which is his dream.

Like Tuffy, most influencers work their tails off creating content for their fans yet struggle to pay the bills. 

That's because they rely on influencer marketing...the traditional way to earn money.

Influencers are done fighting for brand deals and getting lowballed by companies. They want be paid directly by fans as their own businesses. 

And since 58% of fans would pay to meet influencers there's a perfect opportunity to create a fan-funded business.

Vora is the marketplace for influencers to run their own "video chat business".

But this feels more like a tool than a business since they can manage everything with ease.

We made hosting a Vora Chat simple.

Just start a chat, set your price and length, and talk...then get paid. This way, Influencers don't have to worry about anything except having a good time with their fans.

For fans, this is the raw access to influencers that they've always wanted.

They get to meet influencers in their natural habitat; whether that's at home, on a walk, grocery shopping, or somewhere else. It's an authentic, casual experience where they can see the influencers for who they "really are" instead of their online persona.

And since the chats are exclusive with only 10 fans, there's a chance the influencer will remember them too.

Vora Chats like the one above can happen at any moment, for example...

  • Before or after¬†shooting a video
  • When taking a break from editing content
  • When taking an afternoon walk

Vora Experiences are the unique, interactive, and engaging elements of our video chats that are the key to our long-term success.

Experiences like playing tic-tac-toe with Richard Branson, eating Wing-Stop with Rick Ross, or testing makeup with a L'Oreal rep are just a taste of the "out-of-the-box" experiences we have in store. 

We'll be investing the majority of our resources to stay ahead of the competition in this space.

Our commission is based on the ticket price. We receive 25% for tickets under $100 and 10% for tickets over $1000, with tiers in-between.

Our competitors are focused on personalizing the fan's experience. Their chats are scheduled far in advance and feature add-ons like signed t-shirts and collectibles. 

What they don’t consider is the influencer's convenience; matching schedules and signing t-shirts a month in advance is a drag on their time and energy. 

Vora is the "on-the-go" model that Influencers crave, where they host chats without effort or planning.

    Once we're finished testing we'll run our official event launches in Q2 2022! 

    They will be popups at live events where influencers will host Vora Chats for a limited time. We'll use these events and social media stunts to generate excitement around Vora's brand so we can recruit 50 elite influencers to kickoff our iOS launch.

    We'll have 50 elite influencers on Vora when we launch on iOS in Q2 2022, kicking off the referral system.

    Since influencers get a cut of their referral's first-month earnings, they are motivated to invite friends that will earn money. 

    As we grow, our platform will fill up with elite influencers; creating an air of elitism and exclusivity to Vora's brand. From there we'll push our marketing campaigns to attract the attention of smaller influencers and ignite viral growth.

    The primary goal of this raise is to reach viral growth a.k.a product-market fit.

    This is where influencers are buying, using, and telling others about Vora in viral numbers. With at least $250K in funding, we can hire a bootstrapped team of engineers, designers, and consultants to improve the app until we reach this point.

    By investing today you're getting in on the ground floor at a $4 million valuation -- it'll bump up to $5 million once we've raised $50K. Being early, you'll have higher returns than later investors since you're taking on higher risk. 

    Low Valuation = Higher Returns

    Early Investment = Higher Risk

    As we grow we'll receive more funding at higher valuations, increasing your share's value until we exit through a buyout or IPO. 

    A startup exit typically takes 10 years or more but can be highly rewarding. Keep in mind that a comparable startup, Cameo, was valued at $1 billion after just 5 years in business.

    At the point that Vora hits a $1 billion valuation, your $100 WeFunder investment will turn into $20,000, a %19,900 return.