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Video Yearbook

Platform for schools that empowers students to video their school life stories


Patented design solution for $1.5 billion opportunity
$100,000 sales, 3 schools, 5,000 students in 3 months
100+ schools in primed sales pipeline

Our Team

Founder/Chief Catalyst
Nam is a patent-holding (1 exit) tech entrepreneur partnering his platforms with experts to build brands that will make his 2 year-old proud. Nam holds a BA, MBA, MFA and fellowship from Dartmouth College, UMass Amherst and Stanford University.

Nam Mokwunye was challenged on how best to commercialize his 15 year-long design patents and make his 2 year-old son proud. He knew that, with co-founding industry veterans, he could strengthen the education-media space--celebrate the hearts and minds of students by empowering them to video their school life stories.

Tara Heaton Co-founder/Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Tara brings 23+ years in keepsakes and yearbook sales and sales management, reputed for winning accounts and building million-dollar territories. Tara received a BA, Public Relations from Georgia State University and runs a sales consulting firm.
Co-founder/Investor & Advisor
Samantha brings to the team 25+ years in education law and policy. In addition to having worked on Capitol Hill, her practice includes advising boards of education. Samantha received a BA from Hollins University and a JD from Samford University.

The Video Yearbook Story


Nam Mokwunye was on a mission trying to figure out a way to commercialize his video platform design patents and make his 2 year-old son proud. 

With over 23 years in the high school keepsake industry, Tara watched an entire industry struggle to create a new, innovative product that would celebrate the voice of today’s students and capture their memories in a relevant, dynamic fashion.

So, when Nam and Tara met on a Lyft ride, they realized they could lock arms to make a difference for students and revive the keepsake industry. By licensing Nam's video platform and leveraging Tara’s experience and network, they made Video Yearbook a reality.

Within 3 months they had developed a 100+ school pipeline, signed 3 schools and 5000+ students, and contracted $100,000 in sales.

Immediate Benefit for Students & Schools

VYb is designed to guarantee access to 100% of students (regardless of socio-economic status, race, or gender), reduce the cost of the yearbook experience from $50 to sub-$5, and ensure students (and their schools) get paid for the ads that play on their videos. 

Beyond savings and revenue sharing, VYb enables schools to elevate their brands by empowering students’ voices, escalating co-constructive learning and enriching curriculum and culture.

Uses of Funds

Your investment will help us empower students everywhere to capture their school life stories with a forever video-portfolio and give a voice to all students, regardless of their socio-economic status. 

Your investment will also accelerate our growth: sign on schools at a rapid rate, pay support and maintenance fees, stay ahead of the competition, pay leadership and an engagement team, and pay for Wefunder, administrative, accounting and legal services. 


Valuation Cap: 1,000,000
Minimum investment: $100

Maximum investment: $100,000