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On-demand, house call veterinarians

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New Breed Of On Demand Vet Services Offer In-Home Care For Your Furry Friends
April 20, 2016
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Taking a pet to the vet can be an ordeal, but now high tech services can bring a help to your furry friend right at home. When Yana Stimler's golden retriever JZ developed a skin condition, she knew getting her to the vet wouldn't be easy.
Setting standards for Trump-related doggy accessories
March 1, 2016
A customer wanting a Trump poop bag received an apologetic acknowledgment of his request, forwarded to me by the customer's pal Betsy Nolan: While the poetic justice of producing Trump poo bags in China isn't lost on us, we did make an honest effort to find a US-based supplier. P.S.
Vets Warn Fleas Becoming Resistant To Chemical Treatments
December 9, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) - Experts say fleas may be mutating and becoming more resistant to topical anti-flea treatments, making them peskier than ever for Bay Area pet owners trying to get rid of them.
2 new initiatives call for benefits, safety net for gig workers
November 13, 2015
2 new initiatives call for benefits, safety net for gig workers [...] laws haven't kept pace with the economy's rapid evolution, depriving many freelancers of the benefits and protections of full-time jobs. [...] momentum is building for broad-based nationwide efforts to improve the lives of independent workers.
Uber & Lyft Aren't Among 'Gig Economy' Companies Pledging to Treat Workers Well
November 13, 2015
Many of today's workers don't work a typical job with a typical employer, but instead make money as freelance contractors for companies like Uber or TaskRabbit. Thanks to the rise of such Silicon Valley "disruptors," it's easy for people to pick up short- or longer-term gigs that fall short of full-time employment.
Don't go to the Vet, Let the Vet Come to You
May 30, 2015
It's never fun going to the vet - not for the dog and not for the owner. It's always expensive and often stressful for both parties. Sure, there are veterinary house calls, but they can still be just as expensive and frustrating to book.
Finally, a Stress-Free Way to Get Your Pet to See the Vet
February 27, 2015
Let's say, hypothetically, you have the world's sweetest cattle dog mix (he was a rescue too; we'll call him Ogilvy). He does this cute thing with his paws that melts hearts, his selfies rack up hundreds of likes on Instagram, and even your landlady coos over him - but every time you take Ogilvy to the vet, he completely flips out.
VetPronto Brings Veterinary House Calls To San Francisco
January 16, 2015
A new company looking to make it more convenient for pet owners to see their local veterinarian, VetPronto, is now live in San Francisco. A member of the Y Combinator Winter 2015 class, VetPronto is offering on-demand house call veterinary services for dogs and cats, allowing customers to skip a visit to the clinic or just see a vet at a more convenient time - like on evenings and weekends, for example.
Uber for sick pets: VetPronto offers on-demand pet health service
October 31, 2014
There's an Uber for moving, an Uber for fitness, an Uber for pot - and now, there's an Uber for sick pets. VetPronto recently launched in Seattle, offering an on-demand pet health service for those that prefer to push a few buttons to have a veterinarian come to their house, rather than the other way around.
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