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On-demand, house call veterinarians

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Jin B. Client
VetPronto is probably one of the most genius ideas that has come out of the tech capital of the world. Dr. Michael Sterns is an amazing veterinarian who gave my dog such tailored care. I was at work at the time and Mini was at home with her daddy and I was able to facetime with them throughout the examination. Not only did he easily explain what was going on, but he educated us about what to expect, what we should look out for...
Anisa M. Client
I honestly can't rave enough about VetPronto as a service. This is my 2nd time using their vets and I'm as impressed as I was the first time around. Their vets are knowledgable and very patient with my cats (let's be honest, my cats aren't the easiest babies to handle). They took amazing care of Veer and Raja.
Stephanie C. Client
VetPronto is amazing. A mobile vet service... what a brilliant idea. It saves you time loading and unloading your pup onto car and driving to the vet. In the city, it may be tough to find parking or what not and have to deal with traffic. You can easily make an appointment online and even SAME DAY!
Jess B. Client
I'm obsessed with VetPronto. I used it for the first time last week and I'm not sure how I ever made it work before. My cat pees anytime he's scared (which mostly includes cars and new situations) and having someone come out saved me a bunch of baths, time cleaning and stress.
Michelle I. Client
I continue to rely on VetPronto for pet care that can be effectively done at home. Appointments can be easily scheduled online and I generally get an appointment the next day, even for non-urgent issues. If there are special circumstances, I can call or email the main number and I have found the staff to be very helpful, caring and responsive.
Christina F. Client
Best vet visit ever! My older cat is a bit of a grouch and our previous vet trips usually involve: - Cramming her into a portable carrier - Her immediately freaking out and crapping herself - Us having to deal with the smell and shrieks on the drive to the pet store/vet office - Her freaking out and crapping again once she sees all the other animals waiting - Us finding out it's another half hour wait despite having an appointment - Her clawing the hell out of the vet tech......
Anja H. Client
It has been tough thinking about writing this review, but knowing what a great comfort it may bring someone dealing with what I had to go through, I find it important that I do. My beloved Sheltie senior, Oggie, was diagnosed with an aggressive, untreatable lymphoma this spring, and it was clear that his condition would deteriorate quickly. The medicine that was prescribed for him for pain and/ or to slow down the disease were making him very ill, and it was clear.......
Tinou B. Client
Absolute life saver! I recently got a 4 month old female Boston Terrier and was scrambling to find a vet to exam her, get her caught up on her vaccinations, etc. Like many puppies my girl doesn't like car rides. She actually threw up in her crate on the way home from the breeder. So I didn't want to deal with another car ride yet. VetPronto to the rescue. Scheduled an appointment for next day via their website......
Lula D. Client
VetPronto is a pleasure to work with. The staff is friendly, the doctors are very knowledgeable and forth coming with information. They arrive on time and seem to spend all the time you need to have all your questions answered. When I think about past office vet visits, the drive over stress, the waiting in the waiting room for sometimes up to an hour, then the stress of the visit itself and the ride home... let's just say I am very grateful that I have VetProno to call when needed.
Ryan S. Client
We had the BEST experience with VetPronto. There was something wrong with my little Yorkshire Terrier so we asked VetPronto to come take a look at him. Not only did they send and very kind, gentle, and carrying Veterinarian, but they also sent a Vet-tech in case they needed to take blood or whatnot. In the end, she not only fixed my dog's original problem, but she helped fix or at least put him on the road to recovery for some of his other problems (he's 14 years old, so he has some issues)
Taylor S. Client
VetPronto is a dream come true. My poor pup gets so much anxiety when we take him to the vet. I used to take him to the SPCA (which was awesome) but he hated it. I decided to use VetPronto and actually had Dr. Amini come to our house who was the last vet at the SPCA to see Sundance! He was so much more comfortable at home and she was able to do his full exam and give him his vaccine in 15 minutes! I am so happy with this service.
Kate L. Client
Even though I am very happy with our regular vet, I called vet pronto because my dog needed to be seen right away and I didn't want to bring him to urgent care. After my friend recommended Vet Pronto, I was able to get an appointment that day and was very pleased with the vet and nurse that showed up. They were very professional and so sweet to my dog and the entire process was very painless... much easier than dragging him to the vet across town.
Justine W. Client
So much less stress than a typical visit to the vet. No forcing the cat in a carrier. No having to wait impatiently for the taxi/uber that is late or sometimes never even arrives. No sitting in the waiting room while your cat freaks out by the presence of other pets. In fact, it was so amazing that my cat had no idea this was a vet appointment (shh, don't tell him). It was like I just had a friend over who happened to be really interested in him. He was completely calm and chill.
Phil Nadel Managing Director, Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners
We have been very impressed with Joe and the VetPronto team. They are smart, resourceful and scrappy. Plus, they know their market cold. We are thrilled to be investors in the company and look forward to their continued success.
Shu Duan Earlt statge investor
Innovative ideas, great team, and excellent execution - VetPronto posseses all the qualities of a successful startup and I am extremely pleased with all the progress the company has made in such short time.

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January 16, 2015
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Uber for sick pets: VetPronto offers on-demand pet health service
October 31, 2014
There's an Uber for moving, an Uber for fitness, an Uber for pot - and now, there's an Uber for sick pets. VetPronto recently launched in Seattle, offering an on-demand pet health service for those that prefer to push a few buttons to have a veterinarian come to their house, rather than the other way around.
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