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Venomyx Therapeutics

EpiPen for snakebites: the antivenom of tomorrow!

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Venomyx is using biotechnology to eliminate the use of animals from the process of producing antivenom, along with making it available in a portable, easy-to-use injector that makes it seem like the Epi-Pen for Snake Bites.
Megan Molteni Writer for WIRED
For close to 100 years, antivenom production has been a laborious process of snake-milking and horse blood harvesting. But now, with synthetic biology and next-generation sequencing techniques, scientists are pushing the field into the future. Along with education and smart distribution, those advances could help end this global public health crisis.
Simon Cocking Writer for Irish Tech News
Traditionally anti-snake venom is made by taking the venom from a particular snake breed, inserting it into a horse and then extracting the sample from the horse. This takes too much time and requires a lot of manpower. Venomyx hope to finish with phase 1 clinical trials by end of next summer and are expecting commercial rollout by the end of 2019. The product also qualifies for fast track status with the FDA.

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Venomyx Therapeutics is developing a universal antivenom called Vipax™ that can treat all snake bite victims.
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Venomyx Therapeutics
September 28, 2018
At Venomyx we are developing and bringing to market novel antitoxin therapeutics to make treatment safe, effective, and available around the world.
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