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Invest in Vegan Wines

Vegan Wines is the USA certification of vegan wines from the soil to your glass

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🍇 Vegan Wines is the leading vegan wine distributor in the United States.
💸 We are growing 350% a year and raising capital to accelerate and continue our growth.
😋 Vegan Wines has a private label HAZEL.
🍾 We are the sole importer with an exclusive agreement with each branded Label and vineyards.
🐾We say no animal manure in fertilizer with harmful chemicals & antibiotics that go into our bodies.
™️ Vegan Wines Trademark on the back label of our vegan wines provides confidence when purchased.
🔏 We are creating a certification course to make a global impact with vegan wines.
🥂 A fully plant-based subscription wine club shipping direct to consumers to over 41 states.

Our Team

As a vegan for over 25 years, I want us to continue being part of today’s global movement by creating transparency and saving our environment. I want to do this by providing a 100% plant-based carefully selected wine portfolio for everyone.

Save The World As A Vegan

Let's begin at the soil.

Vegan Wines takes it from no animal products added from the soil up! 

The problem with animal manure it's destroying our planet. Animal slaughterhouses risk diseases when animals are packed together in large numbers, and their manure is untreated waste and chemical residue that is applied directly to cropland. 

Some farmers today commonly use feed additives such as growth promoters and antibiotics, which cause drug resistance, not only in animals but in humans. This is also getting into our soil when the animal manure is used as fertilizer, which in turn, goes into our food, and our bodies. 

World health leaders have described antibiotic-resistant microorganisms as “nightmare bacteria” that “pose a catastrophic threat” to people in every country in the world. 

Vegan Wines only works with grape-growers that do not add animal fertilizers to their soil. We go within the guidelines of Veganic which means ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’.  This is something we want to encourage in all vineyards. We want to veganic-afy all those non-veganic acres.


Now in the wine cellar.

This process removes the cloudy look, so the wine is clear and vivid fining agents have typically been derived from albumen from:

• Egg whites
• Milk protein called casein
• Fish oil and bladders
• Chitin from crustacean shells
• Gelatin — a protein obtained by boiling the skin, bones, and tissues of cows,
pigs, or chickens.

Our Wine Story.

Vegan Wines is a full trademark business thriving and growing rapidly since our opening doors date in 2017.

What makes us unique is transparency from the soil up to your bottle. In today's world of protecting our environment, health, and supporting independent small business winemakers are key. 

We visit every vineyard because of the soil, the people, the fact that no animals need to suffer for us to enjoy great-tasting wines!  How awesome is that!

We need your investment.

There is no doubt that the vegan food industry is here to stay! Global food habits are changing and the demand for vegan food is just going to keep growing stronger each year.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our Sales Projections

Here is a link to Vegan Wines Pitch Deck.

Wholesale Distribution

The plant-based consumer base is growing faster than ever and they’re constantly seeking more appropriate wine options. This is where we come in as the wholesale wine distributor. We do the research so that each of these restaurants can pair their vegan food dishes with vegan wines to create the entire vegan experience for their guests. 

Vegan Wines wants to grow our wine portfolio so when any restaurant, wine store, wine bar owner/manager opens out wine book they open our wine book they have a selection of the wines not because they are vegan but because its the wine they want for their business and it happens to be vegan. We are always available to consult with businesses on how to best serve their discerning, plant-based clientele.

Our wine club subscription and online wine store.

We focus on providing our members with information about the taste, style, quality, and region of each hand-selected wine, along with plant-based recipe pairings to serve alongside each bottle. Members also receive details on the winemaking process and vineyard history gathered directly from the vineyard owners and winemakers themselves. Vegan Wines strives to create an in-depth and personal experience for each member through its subscription-based club and online wine shop.

We want to keep growing our private label.

Our Trademark certification course

Vegan Wines is going to Veganize the $418 billion wine industry by making vegan wines accessible to everyone. We just opened our certification process for other wineries to have the tools to let their customers know that their wine is vegan by adding our trademark to their labels after have been verified by us. We want to make our trademark certification course available worldwide for all wine producers. 

Investors can feel confident about doing good for our planet with Vegan Wines. We are so much more than a glass of a great-tasting wine.

Join us on our Cross-Country Vegan Wines Research Trip on our by clicking this link for our YouTube Channel.