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Vegan Mob

Serving up the best vegan BBQ & soul food in the Bay Area

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Fares interviewed Vegan Mob on September 8, 2021. Play Video
Fares Ksebati
CEO of MySwimPro
says, "Very rapid organic growth with a cult-like following! Passionate and ambitious founder with a hustle mindset. The branding is very strong and the proposition to replicate a winning formula offers a big opportunity for future growth."
says, "Share more about the standard operating procedures that will dictate future locations and growth. Think about how you will you maintain the branding in new locations. Best of luck!"

What Investors Say

Invested $1,000 this round
I have seen the rapid growth of The Vegan Mob since its inception, and they has proven to be one the best vegan restaurants in the US. The food is amazingly delicious, and the Toriano Gordon has a true passion to do "good for the hood." I have been a restauranteur and food manufacturer for over 12 years and I have never seen a restaurant experience this much success in so little time. I expect to see The Vegan Mob grow in leaps in bounds in the near future!

In the news

10 of the best spots for vegan barbecue in the United States
May 3, 2021
Treat yourself to some plant-based BBQ Vegan barbecue may seem like a contradiction in terms. Most people associate summer BBQ with meat sizzling on the grill, but what truly makes a barbecue meal so delicious are the sauces, spices and smoky preparations.
The Best Vegan BBQ in the Bay
March 8, 2021
Malou is joining the mob - the Vegan Mob that is! From burgers to gumbo to po'boys, customers say Vegan Mob is the best plant-based soul food around. Owner Toriano Gordon is a character who loves making people happy with his healthy cuisine, not to mention his rapping skills! Bon Appétit!
March 8, 2021
March 8, 2021
Danny Glover's latest project? A commercial for popular Oakland restaurant Vegan Mob
December 18, 2020
In a state of bliss that only a life-altering plate of food can provide, Danny Glover licks the barbecue sauce from his fingers, then immediately reaches for his phone. "Hey man," he says when Toriano Gordon, owner of Vegan Mob, picks up on the other end.
Oakland Barbecue Sensation Vegan Mob Is Expanding to San Francisco
June 17, 2020
Toriano Gordon, the chef and founder of Vegan Mob - the eight-month-old barbecue walkup spot that's garnered massive lines, press coverage including a recent feature in Food & Wine , and rave reviews from omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans - says that he's already outgrown his current Oakland location.
Vegan Barbecue Is So Much Better Than You Think
May 26, 2020
Toriano Gordon has vegan barbecue poised to take over the world. This time last year, Toriano Gordon was working as an Uber driver, zigzagging around the Bay Area attempting to make ends meet. Today, less than one year later, he owns one of the city's most successful barbecue spots that just so happens to be completely meat-free.
Hip-hop has become an influencer in the Bay Area restaurant industry
January 31, 2020
In the last verse of his 2016 Christmas-inspired song "Bad Santa," Oakland rapper 4rAx said he planned to "pull up on Chef Smelly," meaning he was going to visit the Oakland pop-up restaurant specializing in Creole food. At the time, only a handful of folks in the Bay Area hip-hop world knew about the business, or even where to find it.
Dine & Dish: Super Bowl Snacks
January 31, 2020
(KRON) - Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday? If you're hosting a Super Bowl party or heading to one, KRON4's giving you a chance to be the Super Bowl snack MVP. And remember - anything less than super is a personal foul.
Former rapper's latest hit is serving vegan BBQ with a side of dance videos
January 24, 2020
On a sunny Saturday afternoon, Oakland's Lake Park Avenue vibrates with activity. A neon green structure that used to house the neighborhood's iconic Kwik Way Drive-In beckons Oaklanders to line up down the block for heaping plates of barbecue brisket, ribs and shrimp.
The East Bay is in the midst of a new vegan renaissance
January 24, 2020
In case you haven't noticed, vegan food is having a moment. Again. As of late, it seems like every other restaurant opening in the East Bay has a menu touting plant-based fare, from vegan sushi to Italian food.
15 New Restaurants to Try in the East Bay
January 9, 2020
The most exciting new restaurants in Berkeley, Oakland, and beyond Even as our local coronavirus crisis has stretched on for nearly a full year, leaving a trail of permanent and temporary closures in its wake, the fact remains: New restaurants have continued to open, many of them tailored for this particular moment, with takeout-friendly menus and spacious patios.
Around Lake Merritt, Oakland is quietly finding its culinary soul
December 28, 2019
Oakland's black-owned Vegan Mob restaurant ran out of food six hours into its first meal service in October. The business, on Lake Park Avenue in Oakland's Grand Lake neighborhood, was equipped to serve a few hundred that day, not the thousands who arrived.
Oakland Eats: Brenda's debuts Temescal location, Vegan Mob BBQ arrives in Grand Lake, more
October 11, 2019
Here's the latest news from Oakland's food scene. In this edition: a San Francisco-based chef has brought her New Orleans-inspired fare to Temescal, a popular vegan barbecue pop-up has found a space in Grand Lake, and a bistro offering Thai cuisine is set to move into the former KronnerBurger spot on Piedmont Avenue.
New Oakland soul food spot reminds us vegan food is part of black culture
October 10, 2019
Opening day at Vegan Mob was different from most other Bay Area restaurants. As a DJ shouted for people to dance to music playing from nearby speakers, an elderly black couple sat quietly at a table only feet away and shared bites of a vegan po'boy.
Vegan Mob re-opens in Oakland after selling out of food on opening day
October 8, 2019
When chef Toriano Gordon poked his head out of the kitchen of his Oakland restaurant, Vegan Mob, an hour before it began its first day on Saturday morning in Oakland, a line of customers was already stretched around his building. Within six hours, Gordon's kitchen completed 900 orders and soon ran out of food.
Vegan Mob Opens Permanent Resturant In Grand Lake, Sells Out Of Food After First Day
October 8, 2019
Vegan Mob, the Oakland-based meatless BBQ pop-up - which garnered a cult-like following this past spring - now has less temporary roots in the Bay Area, taking over the Grand Lake staple Kwik Way Drive-In, with long lines in tow.
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