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Chattanooga Football Club

Thank you! Your response has been amazing!

on Jan 18 2019
Chattanooga FC co-founder and Chairman, serial entrepreneur, idea person.

In just over 24 hours, we have 991 new owners and have raised over $250,000 for club operations, which our friends at WeFunder tell us is one of the most phenomenal starts they've ever seen to a campaign! We're already over 25% of our goal, and it's barely been one day! Welcome to all our fellow new owners!

We are deeply grateful for your support and want to keep the momentum rolling, so please help us get the word out to friends and family with social media or good old word of mouth. If you're a Facebooker, we've created an "owner" picture frame just for you- simply click on your profile picture>add frame, and search for "Chattanooga FC".

And f you're in Chattanooga, we'll send info on getting your "CFC Owner" yard sign soon! 

Much Love- 

Chattanooga Football Club Board and Staff

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