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If I do not hear from someone directly, I am pulling my funds. I have spent a numerous amount of time trying to contact you folks and with no results

on Dec 29 2018

I have tried on numerous occasions to find and access way to communicate with we funder and/or legion M to no Avail. I am trying to invest on 3 separate occasions at this point my investment has been attempted to be pulled out of my account at $0.00. This doesn't make sense to me nor did it make sense to my bank who is looking in to fraudulent actions on my behalf against we Wefunder.  I am not quite sure what is going on and why that would take place but according to my profile it shows that you attempted as we funder to debit money's on the 27th of December and it States that it failed but when I went back in to make that correction in ensure that the funds were available the funds were attempted to be debited add $0.00 what the hell. You have all of my information so therefore I will not leave contact information in this message look forward to hearing from  You to get this matter cleared up as soon as possible.

Cori Lloyd