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Chattanooga Football Club

Welcome Note

on Feb 1 2019

Dear Owner, Thanks for your support of Chattanooga Football Club! Welcome to the team!You’re now a part of something unprecedented in American sports as an owner in Chattanooga Football Club and we’re thrilled that you’re joining us for the ride.Here’s what happens next...

If you live in the Chattanooga area, you have two options for getting your “Owner” yard sign:

We will begin hand-delivering these to homes in the area. Please be patient as we’ve had quite a bit more support than we initially expected!

If you can’t wait for us to deliver your sign, you can pick it up at our official team store, Winder Binder Bookstore on Frazier Avenue.

If you are located outside of the Chattanooga area, we are happy to ship a sign to you. In the spirit of being good stewards of our shareholders’ investment, we are asking non-local shareholders who want a yard sign to pay shipping costs of $12.50 (which includes insurance and tracking). You can initiate that process by going here. These sign shipments will receive first priority.

Look for news coming soon on your lapel pin and personalized owner certificate!

We’ve also had a lot of people reach out and ask how they can help. Here are some simple ways to begin helping:

Recruit an owner! Word of mouth, taking a picture with your new yard sign and posting to social media (with a brief note on why you became an owner), or sharing our posts- ALL of these are great ways to share the news. We’ve found that a lot of folks are confused as to HOW to invest, so just remind them that they can go to our website or go directly to, which will take them directly to the investment website.

Refer a sponsor. If you or your company is interested in becoming a sponsor, we have packages available for local small businesses and big companies, from $500 to $50k and our track record of connecting businesses to our passionate fan base is pretty solid. Just email, give us a contact, and we’ll take it from there!

Buy or donate a season pass! We think these passes are the best deal in sports because they include all our non-conference and exhibition games as well as any playoff games we make! You won’t want to miss what we have in store! And if you live out of town, you can buy a season pass and we will donate it to someone deserving locally. Just click here for details.                                                                     

As an owner, you are entitled to special pricing on season passes and all merchandise, which will be 10% across the board for 2019 (online only). Click here for details and use code OWNER. Note: if you already bought your season pass, you’ll be getting a refund for the discounted portion! Finally, if you live out of town you can buy a season pass and we will donate it to a deserving local identified through our Foundation.

One last thing—there has been some confusion about the third alternate owner investor perk; it is not a jersey with an individual name on back, but rather ALL investors names printed on one jersey (example below). These will be available for pre-purchase this summer.

Thank you for being in this together with us. We are proud and honored to have you as a fellow owner!Onward!The Chattanooga FC Board