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Seven Stills

Fröhliches Oktoberfest!

on Sep 24 2018

Greetings Investors...

Ryan here, Marketing Guy, filling in for Tim. Our co-founders are together on a diplomatic/research mission to Munich at the moment for Oktoberfest. Assuming neither are arrested on reinheitsgebot violations, they'll be returning in early October with a new found appreciation for Doppelbocks and Marzens. In the meantime, don't tell the Germans we just put guacamole in a beer...

Back home, this a huge week for us. We are actively moving into our new location as I type. This otherwise unremarkable photo of barrels below is actually evidence of the first Seven Stills assets to be housed in our rickhouse at 150 Hooper. 

Over the course of the next few days, we'll be moving the bulk of our warehoused items into the new location, and clearing out at least half of our Bayview storage space. In the big picture, all other business will remain as-usual for a while, but symbolically these barrels are the proverbial first step that begins all thousand-mile journeys. 

As you can see from this Insta video, our main 100 Hooper flagship site remains just a shell. We're still on target to have a small retail operation open there by mid-November, with the fully-operational mothership (production/bar/restaurant/etc) ready by February. 

We're thrilled about the space, of course, but we're also getting excited about the new neighborhood. If you're not familiar with our new home, it's pretty much in the epicenter of every technological powerhouse you use on a daily basis.  AirBNB, Zynga, Stripe, and Pinterest HQs are all steps away. Adobe will be our upstairs neighbor, and we're planning a meet & greet with their good people soon. Just last week we brought a beer & whiskey tasting to Dropbox, who are about to move around the corner from 100 Hooper. Some budding conversations may prove that to be just the beginning of a broader relationship there. And in two weeks we take the tasting road-show to the machine data company Splunk, whose even most dumbed-down mission statement is smarter than I'll ever be.  

All told, the creativity and brainpower that will be surrounding us is astounding, and we're already better for having met the people behind these places. Though we're a more analog industry, don't be surprised if all this surrounding innovation leads us to pushing the envelope a little further than guacamole beer. 

Let's close with a count...$597,383 raised to date and rising. We remain on pace to reach our goal prior to the WeFunder campaign conclusion, but that doesn't mean we can rest. Please continue to email us around, post us to social, and exhaust your Rolodexes to reach new investors so we can jump into this opportunity at full strength. 



Ryan Kelly
bootlegger | marketing head
7S: @sevenstillsofsf | me: @poliholic

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