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At Parvenu, we recognize that businesses care about their communities.

on Sep 4 2018
I believe businesses have a responsibility to improve their communities. Co-founder and CEO of Parvenu.

Parvenu's AI-driven personalization is rooted in the principle that businesses want to show consumers that they care. Recently, Nike did just that. Rather than play it safe, the company took a controversial stand, knowing there would be backlash (the stock is down 3% and counting).

Regardless of what side on any given issue one takes, the freedom and privilege to peacefully protest in the name of the cause you believe in is one of the reasons America is a great country.

Parvenu's platform empowers shoppers to champion the causes they care about most.

We are writing today to say that we support Nike and Colin Kaepernick, and most of all, the message behind the advertisement: to sacrifice everything for what you believe in.