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Fundraise Ends Friday: Press Coverage In Netherlands Crypto Blog

on Aug 27 2018
Founder of and Bizness Apps (acq. $1B in 2018) | Featured in Techcrunch, The New York Times, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal
Fundraise ends Friday August 31st:

If you as a trader in cryptocurrencies look for a good exchange platform, you will soon find out that finding a good exchange is more difficult than you think. Cryptocurrencies have become incredibly popular over the years. That is a growth that most crypto exchanges did not count on. That is why some exchanges were forced to close the exchange for new customers for the time being. A new initiative is coming on the market, which has to solve problems with the current exchanges. is a platform developed for and by crypto dealers. has a number of important features. Firstly, it is a decentralized crypto exchange. With many exchanges you have to transfer cryptocurrencies to the platform, to your own wallet. Then you can trade the coins on the exchange. The problem with such exchanges is that they still store centrally cryptocurrencies. In the past it has often been proven that this is not always a good idea. Crypto exchanges have been in the news more often because they have been hacked and users have lost millions of dollars in cryptocurrency.