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Help us get to $100k in escrow!

on Aug 10 2018

Dear followers, even though Heleum just reached an all-time high of $115,880 committed to our campaign (yes!), we only have $92,000 completely settled in escrow. We still need to reach $100,000 milestone in escrow to be able to successfully access the funds raised and use those funds to take us to the next level.

Thankfully we've made awesome progress in the past two weeks: 

- We've doubled our transaction processing speed, which will save our users money when buy and sell signals come in, by moving on big moves faster.
- We've seen Heleum automatically exit all cryptos before the recent crash, and they are still out, waiting safely in USD and EUR, looking for a wise time to get back in.
- We've added Recovery Boosts to user accounts so they pay NO fees to Heleum if their account is down.

We think the future looks very bright for our users and our investors.

Feel free to double-check that your investment is fully processed (may require identity verification), and please send our campaign link ( to friends, family, and associates to help us get more investors! If you plan to confirm your investment, expand it, or refer anyone else, remember that you'll still get the Early Bird Bonus until we raise $300,000.

We're looking forward to working on Investor Perks, and starting work on designing the next version of our Heleum app. We're so close! Thanks for all your help!