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First Pre-Production Parts

on Aug 3 2018
Andreas held various leadership positions at Apple in Europe, including the Newton Systems Group. He launched the first Mac-based tablet and has over 20 years experience in Mac hardware solutions.

Hi everyone,

I am happy to report that the closing process of our successful Wefunder crowdfunding campaign is nearly completely finished. There are still a few i’s to dot and t’s to cross, but we expect this to be wrapped up this month.

In the meantime, we’ve been able to start moving the Modbook Pro X into pre-production and today we’ll be sharing a few selected photos from a shiny first set of parts.

01 - Pro X revE - 1st Part Set - IMG_1227.png

Feature focus: MonoProp

The built-in MonoProp Mount is featuring a standard tripod screw thread and, using the MonoProp Stembolts, allows the Modbook Pro X to be configured for use in various landscape and one portrait angles.

10 - MonoProp.png

Here are the MonoProp Stembolts above the Alphabody with the MonoProp mount and its two screws, pre-installation:

11 - MonoProp Mount Out  - IMG_1229.png

... and MonoProp installed, viewed from the top (this will be not visible, as the display will be mounted on top):

12 - MonoProp Mount In  - IMG_1230.png

… and viewed from the bottom, showing the industry standard tripod screw thread extruding slightly between the two support recesses which are part of the Alphabody:

13 - MonoProp from below - IMG_1231.png

… with the MonoProp Stembolt about to be attached:

14 - MonoProp from below w Stembolt - IMG_1252.png

... and the Alphabody in canvas mode (landscape orientation), using the max length Stembolt configuration - also visible in the background are the BackCover (left) and the KeyboardStand TopCase (right):

15 - Alphabody in Landscape - IMG_1253.png

Feature focus: Presentation Stand

The Presentation Stand will allow you to stand up the Modbook Pro X in landscape orientation.

20 - PrezoStand.png

Here is a view onto the back of the Alphabody with the BackCover assembled and the PrezoStand folded in:

21 - PrezoStand - IMG_1254.png

… and folded out:

22 - PrezoStand - IMG_1255.png

… and finally standing up:

23 - PrezoStand - IMG_1256.png

Feature focus: Color Sample Dummy

We also create a Color Sample Dummy, in order to allow those who want custom colors to review what different combinations will look like. Taking the Modbook Pro X full CAD model, we cut away everything but the forward left 40 mm square (and then did a little clean up).

This gives us three cropped, but full scale sections of Modbook Pro X you can see below to the left (partially assembled Modbook Pro X on the right). In clockwise order, BackCover, AlphaBody, and TopBezel:

31 - ColorSample - IMG_1266.png


Of course, we couldn’t let this update end without at least giving you a first glimpse at what a more completely assembled Modbook Pro X will look like (with rear and front TopBezels, and DisplayPanel dropped in):

41 - TopView PreAssembled - IMG_1265.png

For a first set coming together from our suppliers, we were satisfied with the overall fit and function of the parts, both on their own and in concert with each other.

The parts as reviewed and photographed above, did not have any of the final surface treatment (i.e. brushing, anodizing) done, which is what we’ll be reviewing in the next update. That is also where we will take a much closer (and critical) look at the individual parts, as well as their relative fit and function.

That's all I've got for today.

Best regards,
Andreas and the Modbook team