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Dawn Music Legion

Effective and Efficient Promotional Tool and Wider Reach

on Mar 25 2018
I received a Bcom Computer Sci and Info from NMMU. I worked for Specsavers as a data warehouse technician and software developer. I came up with marketing ideas and also developed software's.

Good day to you!

We are happy to announce that last week we acquired another promotional tool that will automate the way we sent repost requests to the SoundCloud audience and this will give us a wider reach, targeted audience, and save us a lot of time. 

We were limited by the previous version as we could only run a few campaigns but now we are able to run larger and unlimited campaigns to reach a larger audience and get better interaction in a short time. When we start using this tool we will be getting 500 000 reach within 72 hours. 

ed from Repost Exchange.PNG