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Dawn Music Legion

Sales Increase, Correlation VC and Keiretsu Forum Northern California Angel Network

on Mar 21 2018
I received a Bcom Computer Sci and Info from NMMU. I worked for Specsavers as a data warehouse technician and software developer. I came up with marketing ideas and also developed software's.

We are working hard and making some progress. We busy working with  Keiretsu Forum Northern California Angel Network and Correlation VC to help us on this round. Randy Williams the CEO of Keiretsu Forum has been engaging with us and the best news is that Correlation VC has agreed to assist us with filing the round as they invest along with other VC's and Angel Investors. The other good news is that this months sales report which contains royalties generated on the month of December shows a 14% increase in sales and these royalties are before we began the 100k reach per week this year so we are expecting way more in the coming months. 

Our marketing tool has a Total reach of 1,002,806,749 on SoundCloud whilst we also have Spotify Marketing Tools with more than 10 000 000 reach and I haven't even mentioned the Billboard and iTunes charting in house marketing campaigns. What we want when Wefunder Launches the campaign is a minimum of $50k for Billboard Top 40 Charting and iTunes Top 40 Charting so we can brake the brand worldwide. Our projections show a 3X return on investment. There's more than 1 Billion Musicians in USA and so our Distribution Software has a huge market and the marketing tools we have gives us a competitive advantage. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you can join the family and help us do more whilst getting a return on your investment.

Ndyebo Zizi