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Update from SpaceFab.US, March 9, 2018

on Mar 9 2018
CEO and co-founder of SpaceFab.US, Inc.

We want to thank our investors, customers, and supporters of our Waypoint space telescope for combined astronomy and ground observation.  We really appreciate your support!

We have reached 90% of our Wefunder crowdfund investment goal of $150K, with just two weeks left in the campaign. If you have already invested, we thank you, and ask if you could increase your investment. If everyone increased their investment by 10%, we will be able to successfully close the campaign.  And if you haven’t invested in the SpaceFab campaign yet, please consider helping us build the first dual purpose space telescope that everyone can use, and own a piece of SpaceFab at the same time.

DARPA Blackjack Proposers Day

We will be traveling to Washington, DC for a meeting at the DARPA Conference Center in Arlington, VA on March 15. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has a new program called Blackjack, looking for companies to help build a low cost constellation of 60 to 200 satellites in LEO (low Earth orbit) with enough capability to replace a single “exquisite” satellite design, but costing much, much less.

These small satellites must be large enough to have room for advanced payloads, yet small enough to be low cost. They should also be derived from commercial satellites. When we saw what DARPA’s looking for, we realized that our Waypoint Space Telescope is a perfect candidate.  It uses the latest technology and is designed to be a very low cost commercial satellite with superior capabilities. DARPA is encouraging companies to team up, so we will be making a quick presentation about the Waypoint satellite, and looking for partner companies to join us in proposing a customized satellite for the Blackjack program.

SpaceFab.US’ space selfie campaign is now open on Kickstarter!   

You can buy them on Kickstarter for the next 60 days:

There are more than a dozen different reward levels, from space selfies to joining us at the launch of our first Waypoint satellite!  Check out the SpaceFab space selfie campaign on Kickstarter to get all the details.