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Industry Water Filtration, Inc.

New Technology

on Feb 11 2018
President, Industry Water Filtration, Inc.; Ph.D. Physics, author technical books and courses, engineer, patent holder

Industry Water Filtration, Inc. has developed a new technology to disrupt existing water treatment processes not already addressed by IWF tech.  A patent application is being written.  It will be IWF's third patent and departs from the other new patent work mentioned above.

A New Approach to Cake Processing

The new invention addresses the processing and disposal of waste solids in a revolutionary stand-alone tool.  Cake can be washed and/or dewatered using a much simplified method versus the existing complicated and costly approach.

The newly modeled tech is designed to dramatically undercut industry prices for machinery that is currently used for this application as well as reduce maintenance downtime and consumable costs.  New markets are opened up by this invention.  It will allow customers to replace existing equipment with a less expensive and lower maintenance machine.  The new invention applies to virtually every water-intensive industry application.

Details will be published after the patent is filed.

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