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That Christmas Movie

Important Update for Investors!

on Jan 21 2018

Dear Investors: as we head for production, we are about to send out the newsletter that all investors receive. However, we notice that some investors aren't opening the emails we send. It doesn't really matter if you read the newsletter or not (although we'd love for you to know about all the cool stuff happening). But what does matter is that we need to communicate with investors regarding the logistics of their investment. In other words, we need to tell you how to keep track of your investment, when we're having the premiere, etc. (Of course, we're not issuing paper shares, everything is virtual and online.) 

Since some of you aren't opening our emails, it occurred to us that they may be getting marked as spam, and going to your spam folder. BTW, these emails don't come from WeFunder, they come from our email address.

Since you invested your hard earned money, we're pretty sure you want to keep track of it, so please whitelist our email address, which is  That way you'll be sure to get our emails. And our newsletter is going out tonight (Sunday, January 21), so if you don't get it please check your spam folder.

If you're not familiar how to whitelist an email address, it's a simple process that tells your email provider that you WANT email from a certain address, and to not send it to the spam folder. Here's an article explaining how for a few email providers. If your email provider isn't in that article just google the name of your email provider and the word "whitelist."

The cameras start rolling February 5th, thanks to you all.  And for those of you who invested enough to visit the set, our coproducer will be getting in touch with you to arrange that.

We have some exciting updates coming. But they will come through the newsletter more than here on WeFunder. Also, if you email us, please be patient if we don't get back to you right away. We're making a movie with a small crew, so everyone's pretty darned busy working 16-18 hour days!  We might not be able to answer your emails until March, when the filming is done. Thanks for understanding.

Here's a picture of Associate Producer/Co-writer Jenna Park and Executive Producer Jay Kogen in our luxurious production office the day we moved in. We told you we were going for cheap production offices, and we weren't kidding!  They're located in glamorous Burbank, California. (Don't worry -- the pictures from the set will be a heck of a lot more fun.)

Jay Jenna office small.jpg

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