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We need 12K to reach 200K and 14 investors to reach 500 investors milestones. Paasmer Edge 3.0 Preview Launched

on Dec 13 2017
CEO & President of MoboDexter Inc. Our IoT Platform PAASMER is a one of its kind Edge Centric IoT Platform for businesses to build their IoT products and solutions faster, better and cheaper.

We have been in the top 5 in Wefunder for 3 weeks in a row now. Thanks for the great support from all our investors. We look forward to reaching two important milestones of reaching 200K and 500 investors. Yes, we are about 12K to reach 200K and need to add 14 investors to reach 500 investors on Wefunder.  We are confident we can reach both these goals with your support this week.

Agile-based Iterative product development with the yearly major release and quarterly minor release has been our way of product development for the past 4 years. We have now mastered this over the past couple of years and have been consistent is reaching our release milestone. We believe this is one of the foundational pillars for our success.  We achieved another critical milestone with our Paasmer Software release this week.

1) We released updates to our current Paasmer 2.X software by adding support for another major protocol called "CoAP"

2) Paasmer Edge 3.0 Preview has been released this week. Paasmer Edge 3.0 is our foundation for a higher scale of innovation to follow next year. It's one of the world's first application container, called "Dockers", based Edge software solution. Paasmer Edge 3.0 will pave way for giving higher scalability, flexibility,  efficiency on the Edge. Paasmer Edge 3.0 General Availability is targetted for Q1-2018 and will replace Paasmer Edge 2.X software.

More details on Paasmer December Release is covered in this blog -