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That Christmas Movie

Working Our Way Towards Production

on Dec 2 2017

Hello, everyone. No exciting updates yet, we're just doing the thoroughly unglamorous work of preparing to enter production.

  • Casting. We’re concentrating on casting the lead character, so we're auditioning some wonderful young actresses to play the 16-year-old Nicky. We’ll let you know as soon as we cast someone. Once we cast Nicky, we can cast the parents, etc.
  •  Hiring Crew. We’re interviewing Directors of Photography and Production Designers. Those are two key positions on a film, and they work closely with the director. We’ve gotten some great resumes submitted, which is flattering considering how low our budget is. I’m sure we’ll find some great people for those positions, and we’ve already interviewed some outstanding candidates.
  •  Accepting more investments through Accredited Investors. We’re talking to and accepting investments from Accredited Investors and will continue to do so until we get enough for post production. We’re not actively advertising, these investors are finding us. (At )

We’ll keep you posted on any other developments.

We are scheduled to being shooting in February, and are aiming for a June premiere screening for investors in Los Angeles. (We'll let you know well in advance!)

By the way, WeFunder is still processing payments, and we’ll let you know when all investments have gone through. (We're at 2/3 of all investments right now.) Yes, it's frustratingly slow, and we apologize for the delay.

Here's a photo that exemplifies the main character's attitude towards Christmas when the film begins:

Frightened girl No Xmas tree.png