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That Christmas Movie

We Passed the $200k Mark!

on Oct 14 2017

Thanks to more and more people learning about our Christmas comedy, we've passed the $200k mark. • This provides an opportunity to answer a question several people have asked: "Why does the total investment figure sometimes go down a little bit instead of up?" That's because sometimes an individual will invest a certain amount, but then their funds don't clear from their bank -- because they filled out the checking account info incorrectly or they simply have insufficient funds. In these cases, WeFunder will deduct their investment amount from the total. This accounts for the fluctuations you may occasionally see. The vast majority of investments will clear, of course. And those investors are the ones who get to point to the movie next year when it comes out and say "I made that happen!" 

We're at 63% of our total raise now. Please let your friends know about our family Christmas comedy so we can get to the finish line and make the movie you all deserve. One investor told us that when he talks about his investment to his friends, he says the #1 reason he invested is because movies come and movies go, but Christmas movies come back year after year. (We like to say they're evergreen.) All those cable TV stations, broadcast TV, streaming video like Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, etc., not to mention RedBox and all the DVD sales at WalMart, etc. -- they all need Christmas movie products every single year. Decade after decade. Or, as another investor put it: "It's hard to imagine that with your resume, you guys could make a Christmas movie that couldn't make a profit in this marketplace!" We agree!

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