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That Christmas Movie

$225,000 Investment Received! Time Is Running Out for More Investments…

on Sep 29 2017

Santa money redder smaller.png
We are pleased to announce that an accredited investor has just invested $225,000 in That Christmas Movie LLC. 

This brings our total up to approximately $618,000, which is enough to begin prep work for the movie. 

The $225,000 was invested outside of WeFunder (with their blessing) and doesn’t affect the total listed here. Here on WeFunder, there’s room for more investments before we reach our $309,000 maximum. 

We’re happy to get to that maximum one hundred dollars at a time, but once we reach that $309k max, no more investments can be accepted here! We shot up to the first $150k in a matter of weeks, so if you’re inclined to invest, you need to do it before we reach our goal. 

We are honored that investors believe in our movie, and we value every single investment — whether it’s $100 or $225,000. Every dollar goes to the same goal — to make a great Christmas movie that we can all be proud of! 


That Christmas Movie Team

Attention Accredited Investors: Please contact us directly at if you’d like to invest via our Regulation D 506(c) offering.