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That Christmas Movie

Momentum! And Accredited Investors...

on Sep 22 2017

For the third week in a row, we have been included in the WeFunder newsletter under the "Top 5 Most Raised This Week." As you can see in the chart, after we started advertising on Facebook, and Facebook users spread the word, we began to gain even more momentum. We are now almost at 50% (around 48.8%.) of our maximum goal. We are honored to be a part of the WeFunder family and to merit this inclusion in the newsletter. Our deepest thanks to you, the investors. If this trend continues, we will reach our maximum goal within a few weeks.

And good news for accredited investors -- we are preparing a Regulation D 506(c) offering to accept investments outside the WeFunder platform (with WeFunder's blessing, of course). The Regulation Crowdfunding as offered on WeFunder limits the amount you can invest regardless of accredited investor status per SEC rules. So we have been getting requests from those investors who want a bigger investment opportunity in the movie. If you're an accredited investor, please get in touch with us directly ( and we'll keep you posted as to when the opportunity becomes available (around the end of September). Of course, the investment terms are exactly the same as the Regulation Crowdfunding deal here on WeFunder -- only the investment amounts are different.  And funds invested through the Regulation D do not count towards the total here on WeFunder -- so there's still room for everyone else here. 

8 weeks chart a.png

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