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That Christmas Movie

Meeting One of Our Stars.

on Aug 29 2017

Co-Producer Katherine Botts got to meet Lil Bub and CatCon last week. That look of joy on her face is quite genuine. And I must say, I was excited to meet Lil Bub, too (but I'm not as photogenic as Ms. Botts, hence her picture). She (yes, Lil Bub is a she) really is an extraordinarily charismatic cat, especially in person. And also impressive was Mike Bridavsky, Lil Bub's owner.  I saw many people come up to him like teenage girls meeting Justin Bieber, and we was unfailingly gracious and patient with every one of them. Anyway, we're glad we cast Lil Bub as Parsley the Cat in our movie. Even though she's only in two scenes in the whole movie, we still think it's worth gushing over! (And for the more business-minded of our readers, Lil Bub has over 5 million social media followers. Her fans have invested many tens of thousands of dollars in the project, and we feel they'll be a pre-sold audience for our movie when it comes out. Mike is committed to promoting the movie, and so Lil Bub fans will be hearing lots more about it!)

Botts Bub 2.jpg