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Part 2: How It All Began and Message to Investors

on Aug 2 2017
XX Founding Partner

In this short video, learn how Everipedia's co-founders Sam and Teddy met Mahbod, founder of, at UCLA. Mahbod signed up on Everipedia immediately after Sam showed him Mahbod's Everipedia page. This dream team clicked right away and they've been chugging away at Everipedia ever since. 

History of Everipedia

Originally it was an idea between Teddy and me. We were like, "It'd be cool to have something else besides Wikipedia," because it's so old and people don't seem to be editing it. We don't know anyone that's editing it and it's the 5th biggest website in the world. 
What if we could make something that's cool, fun and interesting and has stuff that Wikipedia doesn't have? Mahbod who was formerly at Genius was at UCLA and giving a talk. And Teddy and I were working on this project when I was a senior at UCLA. 

So after his talk, I went up to him and showed Mahbod his page and said, "I can't believe you don't have a Wikipedia page. You're really famous. I don't know why they're super hard on giving you a page." 

He immediately saw the vision and said, "This is really cool. What you guys are doing to Wiki articles, we were doing to lyrics. I'm interested!" 

It's really cool because that day Mahbod went online and he signed up. Back then, it was just an MVP so he was the 7th registered account. He hit me up later and said "Since you're graduating in 4-5 weeks, let's team up. This will be one of the biggest sites on the Internet. It was YOLO after that.

Biggest Challenge at Everipedia

The most difficult thing early on in a startup's life is there's no real defined roles because everyone is doing everything. It's cool. I'll miss it later but you have to be juggling all these different things and you have to be good at them. Otherwise, things won't go as fast or according to plan. 

How Investors Can Help

We're very thankful for people who see the mission. We're very excited.

Best thing they can do is sharing pages they find interesting. Get involved. Signing up for an account takes 10 seconds. We're active anytime. I promise, anyone that signs up, we'll know you're editing on the site within a minute. 

We breathe Everipedia. We're always on the site. It'd be cool if people can get involved. Share on social media in any way they can. Just getting our name out there. That's really all we need. 

p.s. Create your first Everipedia page at