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Performance Upgrades

on Jun 16 2016
All-around lover of software and startups. Big fan of JFDI and getting stuff done.

We just deployed some changes that should speed up company profiles and the invest page.

Preliminary results look good
Previously our profile and invest pages had been occasionally running calculations that take longer the more investors a company has, which started causing problems for startups like LegionM (who currently have over 500 investors). We’d cache these calculations so they aren’t run all the time, but that hasn’t been good enough. Whenever there was a cache miss (e.g. right after a deploy, right after a new investment) users would see occasional timeouts and error pages.

Our new system aggressively precomputes these calculations and persists them in our database (rather than Memcached, which is volatile). And more importantly, we’ll fall back to the most recent calculation rather than re-compute everything if something changed. This means that numbers like total raised may be behind by a minute or two.

There were a few other miscellaneous performance tweaks bundled into this release.

We have more performance updated planned in the pipeline so stay tuned as we play Bottleneck Whack-A-Mole!