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May by the Numbers

on Jun 2 2016
Co-Founder of Kibin. Originally from Michigan, I now live in SF & enjoy trading Forex, poker, single malt whiskey, and the power of words.

Here at Kibin HQ we've closed the books on May, and we're happy to say it was another solid month of growth. Here are some highlights:

  • $18,800 essay database revenue; +307% year-over-year!
  • 353,457 essays in our database; +2.6% month-over-month
  • $65,735 total revenue; +32.0% year-over-year

We continue to focus our efforts on our essay examples database which grew by a little more than 9,000 essays this month. Our goal is to get the database to 365,000 essays by the end of the quarter.

We made some big changes to the website on May 19th. On that day, Kibin became 100% student focused. We no longer cater to new business, job seekers, or other non-student customers. This will better focus our efforts as a team and hopefully improve overall user experience.

Essay database revenue through May 2016 ($82,000) now exceeds total revenue generated via the essay database in 2015 ($69,500). I've updated the slide in our profile, but it's hard to see the significance with future projections sharing the same axis.

Here's a look at just 2015 vs. 2016:

We're understandably excited by this growth.

The next few months are traditionally slow for us. Our business fluctuates with the seasonality of the student academic calendar. But we're hard at work setting ourselves up for a great growth period from September through December.

If you could share our profile and campaign with a friend, it would be greatly appreciated. We're only about 20% of the way to our minimum fundraising goal. Any help you can provide would be amazing!