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The Experiment Grants Program

on Jan 29 2016
Co-Founder at Experiment.

We announced something big. Our first grants program:

We also got some press:

Some snippets:

"Cindy Wu,’s founder, told the Daily Dot that this was the first of what she hoped would be many such grant programs. The anonymous donor funding the grant program cares deeply about the state of marine mammals in our oceans, she said, but they didn’t have the time to pick out a specific study and fund it. So the donor is letting the backers on do the choosing for them."

“It is worth it to note that Experiment Grants is an experiment in itself. We might not do this forever. We might change how we do it,” Wu wrote in an email. “I've been speaking with very well known large foundations that have different opinions about how they want to partner with us, so you can expect it to evolve over time. We will try a lot of things until we get it right. One thing is for certain, someone will get this model right.”

If you are interested in sponsoring a grant for a science topic you believe in, get in touch with me!