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The Weekly HR Roundup: Getting Organized for 2016

Now that we’re midway through December, you’re probably trying to get organized for the holidays, and maybe even already thinking about your goals for the new year. While you’re at it, you might as well start getting your HR world organized for 2016 as well!

We know this is much easier said than done, so we’ve put together a list of tips from our favorite HR bloggers to help you get ready for the year ahead:

  1. How to Create an HR Budget (Sharlyn Lauby)
    It’s no secret that budget is the first thing you should have in order going into a new business year. So how do you build a department budget specific to HR? Sharlyn Lauby (also known as the HR Bartender) tells us how.

  2. What Should We Be Working On? (Steve Boese)
    In the digital age, technology use should be one of your top priorities when organizing your HR. But with so many types of products to choose from, determining which ones are most relevant to you can be quite a challenge. Steve Boese gives his techniques for prioritizing products you might want to start using in 2016.

  3. Should You Let Your Employees Vote About Where To Move Your Offices To? (The HR Capitalist)
    Is your company planning to make a move in 2016? If so, have you consulted your employees about the change? After all, it does affect them directly. While most management probably doesn’t, Kris Dunn argues why it’s a good idea to let your employees vote on where to move (or whether you should move at all).

  4. Winter is Coming: Brilliant Recruiting Ways to End the Year (The Hiring Site)
    Cramming all your year-end recruiting efforts into the last few weeks of December can be stressful, to say the least. You could be trying to allocate the rest of your recruiting budget, or struggling to find potential hires willing to interview during the holidays. Whatever your challenge, the Hiring Site’s talent organizers have tips for all your year-end recruiting needs.

  5. How Can We Simplify Human Resources? (TLNT)
    One of the most important—and most difficult—steps to organizing anything, especially your HR, is simplifying. There’s no getting around it: HR is complicated. But if you simplify your problems, they will be much easier to solve. Steve Browne shares what he learned at HR Roundtable on how to simplify the ever-complex world of human resources.

For more help getting your HR organized for the New Year, check out our latest eBook for tips on how to choose the best HR system for your company.


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