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New eBook: How to Choose the Best HR Software for Startups and Small Businesses

There are tons of tools out there to handle the different functions within HR. Tools for payroll. Tools for benefits. Tools for onboarding. While you may see slight improvement from using these systems on their own, it’s not until you connect the dots that you start seeing the true potential of what software can help your team accomplish. In our latest eBook, How to Choose the Best HR Software, we teach you how to look for these connections—and how to choose a system that serves as a true foundation for your company’s growth.

How much can bad HR software cost you?

For decades, HR teams focused on administrative tasks. But recently, HR has shifted focus. Modern HR is far more creative, strategic, and complex than its purely operational predecessor. Study after study cites the importance of HR-driven strategies that drive employee engagement and build on company culture, underscoring the critical role that these practices have on a company’s bottom line.

The reality is that disengaged workers:

Luckily, leaders are taking note: in a recent survey from First Round Capital, hiring the right people topped the list of founder concerns right alongside revenue growth, and keeping teams happy and effective by building the right culture was a bigger concern than raising money or losing customers.

With so much to focus on, however, what’s step one in building better HR strategies?

Why strategy starts with the right tools

A good modern HR strategy is built with the future in mind, and with the right tools to support future growth—tools that help do work for you, and that allow you time to focus on the more strategic work that makes a difference to your business. As with any other team in your organization, unless you’re able to eliminate administrative work with a proper system, you won’t have time or resources to dedicate to building strong strategies.

It’s time to build a more modern HR approach. Take the first step by downloading our free guide and learning how to choose the best HR software for your growing business.


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